Tuesday, November 19, 2013

sweater weather

In keeping with the "I'm 80 years old in a 26 year old's body" I love being comfortable. I love wearing sweaters all winter, the cozier the better. The problem I have found is finding dressy enough ones to wear to work. Well F21 for the win, I scooped up a couple last week and had to share.
The sweater above is the BEST. (Found here on F21) It looks much more expensive then it is and I've gotten compliments every time I've worn it, which has been a lot. 

This leopard sweater is swingy and long enough to wear with dressy leggings and I'm thinking I might wear it tucked into a skirt as well.
This one I'm not wearing to work but I LOVE it. 
F21 had a bunch more I loved but I had to get out of there before I spent $200 and got 80 pieces of clothing.



  1. I swear, you are the only thing cuter than your house. Oh and Rowan, its a tie for first.

  2. There's nothing better than a super oversized comfy sweater. I've gotten some great ones from F21 too!

  3. that sweater IS HEAVEN. i have a bunch of great sweaters from F21 and people are always shocked when i say it's from there!

  4. Sweaters really are the best and forever21 has been killing it this season. their sweater and shoe collections have been amazing!


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