Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Its time to break out your best fall cocktail recipe (I'm making these) and fancy skirt, the relatives are coming! This Thanksgiving is going to be our first time hosting and our first Thanksgiving in our first house. Its pretty special. The family will be coming soon so I'm peacing out until next week to go clean my house and finish up last minute projects, like yesterday I randomly decided to paint our bathroom ceiling. It happens around here, an important date is coming up so I immediately feel the need to paint something.

Are you shopping on Black Friday? I can't decide. Normally I like to go out around 8 AM (not like the crazies at 4 AM) and shop until 12 when I'm ready for lunch and a nap. But this year I don't like that the stores are opening at 8 PM on Thanksgiving day and part of me wants to protest by shopping online. 

We are also going to tackle organizing our studio this weekend. Wish us luck. Its chalk full of paint, extra furniture, decor and tools. But it has to be done, I'm running out of room to paint furniture. 

You should probably make this vegetable soup this weekend, it really is the best. Thanks so much for those of you who made it and told me how much you loved it, you are making my momma happy. 

One thing I'm really thankful for is YOU. Thanks for reading and making this community so special. 

Spoiler Alert: The DIY Christmas series from last year is making a comeback and this year its two weeks. SO EXCITED. If you need some inspiration from last year...
DIY mr and mrs handpainted mugs 
DIY homemade hot chocolate
DIY mason jar snow globes  
DIY gold painted napkins
DIY hand painted ornament and fabric covered tray

Jess rocked my socks off with this post about making change in the here and now of your circumstance, and not to wait. I keep going back to it. 

Did you see this pin about how to apply blush on your specific face shape? I've been doing it all wrong. 

How cute is this hello for your front door? I think I might want one. 

Congrats to Natalie for her beautiful baby girl! She is stunning just like her mama :-)

I need a new book to read on my kindle, any suggestions? I've heard gone girl is good have you read it?

Even though I won't be here, I'm sure I'll be oversharing on instagram if you want to follow along: acreativedayblog

Happy Thanksgiving everyone hope you have an amazing holiday!

image source: Alison Williams photographed by Robert Ascroft


  1. I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving Day! I might be going out for Black Friday but I'm not sure yet

  2. I totally want to protest with you!

    My husband worked retail for years and the thought of all those poor people that have to be at work to open store as early as 6pm Thanksgiving day just makes me sick. They have families, too!

    I think I'm going to buy all my Christmas gifts on Etsy instead. :)

  3. Read The Fault in our Stars!! Love your blog!

  4. this reminds me, i need to make more of that hot chocolate. ASAP.

  5. Definitely shopped from home on Black Friday this year.


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