Monday, November 25, 2013

we got drapes

We finally got drapes hung this weekend in our living room and dining room. BIG DAY. This has been about 2 months in the making. First we ordered these cream linen/burlap drapes in the 108" length, then got them hemmed locally. While this was going on I ordered the hardware, no big deal you might say b/c I order hardware all the time. Not so fast. I ordered the wrong size rod first, then the finials came in the wrong finish. Then we went to hang them and couldn't find the brackets, upon further inspection it was confirmed the brackets were not shipped b/c they were not ordered b/c they were not included like the price list said they were. Why? Typo. Then said brackets were shipped and when they came in we opened the box and they were not brackets but rings. Well third time was the charm and we finally got all said components this weekend and got to hanging. 
 I helped obvi. Actually at this point Luke said, "put those down and start helping me." 
This is what it really looked like.
I LOVE them. I did the same drapes in the living room since the rooms connect and I wanted to give some fluidity. (right word?) But I haven't been able to get a good picture of the living room so I'll share later. I'll probably add some decorative trim to the dining room drapes at some point but now I'm just so happy to have them up!
P.S Thanks for all the love this weekend, it was a tough weekend but we were so grateful to celebrate my Aunt's life. And my Clemson Tigers won and she loved some Tigers football so I know she is happy.


  1. I love them! I have the same milky white kind of drapes in my living room

  2. Looks so good! Clean and fresh!

  3. Looking good, I like it! :-) Bright and cheerful.

  4. they were worth the wait and hardwork to get it right! gorgeous!


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