Wednesday, November 6, 2013

why I don't really wear ballet flats

At the risk of sounding 80 years old... I don't really like to wear ballet flats in the winter because my feet get cold. I like to wear socks. I really am 80. I also like to sleep 10 hours a night. Did you just lose all respect for me? Chalk that up to random facts you didn't know about me. Do you wear ballet flats all the time or are you a closet sock person like me? 


  1. I love my ballet flats, but I definitely understand the feet getting cold thing. If my feet are cold, my whole body gets cold! When I wear flats, I wear an extra sweater! haha

  2. Yesterday I had a major cleaning day and when my husband got home he caught me in pink leopard socks and...Crocs!! I should not admit to this!

  3. I dont mind flats, I'm wearing so Adrina crocs (,default,pd.html) right now! But 2 caveats:
    1. We're not done unpacking and I can't find a single pair of cold weather shoes!!!
    2. I keep a pair of fuzzy socks in my drawer here at work in case my feet get cold. But I totally get that with your job, being constantly on the go, boots w/ socks is a must!

  4. I don't have anything to add to the ballet flat convo, except that I generally find them lacking in arch support. But. The sleeping 10 hrs a night thing, THAT I totally get. I have to have at least 8 hrs/night or else I am just... terrible to be around.

  5. Haha I wear flats all the time. But in SoCal it never gets too cold for them.

  6. i wear ballet flats until the snow flies. then i have to put those babies away because i'm not lookin' for any frostbite. noooo way. i'm with you on the sleep thing... like "oh it's 9pm? time to get ready for bed!" fer sure.

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