Thursday, December 12, 2013

DIY Christmas Series / DIY boho tassels / Katie Gavigan Interiors

Katie from Katie Gavigan Interiors has amazing style. For real. If you want to be inspired check out her blog.
Hello, A Creative Day friends! Are you loving Eileen's inspiring DIY series? Honestly, I'm honored to be a part of it, and very happy to meet you all.

I'm here today to share a super simple project with you. Like all of you, my life is full, and a DIY project has to be pretty uncomplicated in order for me to tackle it. My goal for this project was to inspire you with an easy, versatile and stylish gift (for yourself or others :)). A few weeks ago, I realized that I'd recently pinned various tassel projects, including both home and fashion accessories. There really is a tassel for everyone!

Here are the supplies you need. What did I tell you? Simple!! 

The basic instructions are: Choose your yarn color(s). Cut about 20 pieces of yarn. Fold them in half around a longer piece of yarn (this will be the piece that holds the various tassels together). Wrap another piece tightly around the top, and glue in place. Trim. Repeat as desired. There are many detailed tassel tutorials to be found with a simple online search, so I won't bore you here...but feel free to ask questions in the comments and I will be happy to answer them. :)

My style is fairly maximalist, so I was excited to try an oversized tassel. As you can see, it's right at home in so many different places around the house. I did keep the color toned down which is really unusual for me, but I liked the idea of not having it jump out at you. (Don't worry, I'm sure my next one will be colorful :))

For the less boho-inclined among you, the two-tassel fringe is just as fun. 
Not that I really need the added encouragement, but Christmas decorating provides even more opportunity to hang embellishments from any lonely hook or bar-like surface in the house. Such as... curtain rod, lamp, knob, branch, wall sconce, towel bar, bed post, even strung from the back of a chair for party decor. Use as a keychain or attach it to your purse. Big or small, whatever your fancy!
There are some very cute tassel necklaces and bracelets which I'm excited to try as well, and I'll be sure to blog about them and would love to have you along for the fun.
My Pinterest DIY board includes a few of my favorite tassel inspirations, including ombre tassels which I may have to try next, maybe in a shorter/rounder shape. What about you? Big or small? Colorful or neutral? Long or short? Home or fashion? I love the options!

My VERY talented friends Ruth and Thea of [trīs] Photography handled the photos for this project, and I love how beautifully they captured the tassels in action! I'm grateful for creative, gifted friends!
  A huge THANK YOU to Eileen for including me in this amazing group of talented ladies. And for the motivation to tackle at least one DIY project this season. ;)


  1. thanks again Eileen! this was fun :)

  2. What an awesome tutorial and DIY idea! It turned out incredibly well. :D thanks for sharing! Might have to try this in the new year when I have a minute to breathe!
    Lauren M.
    Make It a Double

  3. I'm a little bit tassel obsessed lately. Love this!

  4. Love the idea of putting the tassels on a lamp! Great diy

  5. Adore the idea of having portable decorations that can be used year-round. And of course tassels on a lamp - genius!


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