Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Christmas Series / DIY Christmas Tree / The Curtis Casa

Whitney from the curtis casa is one of those bloggers who I count as a really good friend. We have long email conversations and she is always so encouraging. I love her. She is an incredibly talented gardener and works as an editor for home depot blog. Sweet right? 
Hi everybody! I'm Whitney, it's great to meet you! I blog over at The Curtis Casa. I'm so excited that Eileen asked me to contribute a DIY to her DIY Christmas series. I have been thinking about a few DIY tree ideas, here's a modern Christmas tree silhouette. 

First of all, fair warning, this DIY involved way more geometry than I anticipated. I knew there would be a few angles to figure out, but we had to go out and buy a protractor! I only protested a little. I just hate math! Anyway, my husband Allen saved the day and helped figure out all the calculations. Read on to see how we did it! 
1 Pine Round
7 3/8" dowels (or however many you want)
Package of Wooden Pole Sockets
Spray paint
Step 1. I wanted to use 7 dowels for my points, so we found seven even points in the circle to create the base. We immediately realized we needed to refresh our geometry skills and work with angles. You could make this same project with any number of dowels. If you want to do it with 7, you'll need a 51.5 angle between each point. :)

Step 2. We went around the entire circle, marking a line at 51.5.

Step 3. Double check all your angles! One of ours was off about a half inch, but we couldn't figure out why! We went ahead with it and you can't even tell.
Step 4. Here's another funny angle thing I didn't realize we'd have to work out. The dowels needed to angle inward to create the illusion of a tree, but they needed to all be about the same angle in order to hit the top evenly. We decided we'd try to get a 75 degree angle. 

Step 5. Allen was really smart and cut a piece of scrap wood vertically with a 75 degree angle. He used it as his guide to drill a hole in another piece of scrap wood, laying flat, at that angle. 

Step 6. The second piece of scrap wood created a template at the correct angle to lay on the pine round to put his drill bit into, keeping it straight on the angle as he drilled into the pine round. Does that make sense?! It was helpful, but the dowels are pretty flexible so they bend easily to come together at the top.

For the last step, put all your dowels in the holes and bring them together at the top with the wooden pole socket.
To finish it off, spray paint all the pieces whatever color you want. I liked the clean white look for such a minimal Christmas tree shape, but you could do anything! 

Wrap some lights around it and enjoy!


  1. This is too cute–I bet it would look great outdoors, too!

  2. What a wonderful idea! Thank you for such a treat!


  3. Oh my gosh adorable! Such a cute idea, Eileen!


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