Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 / word of the year

The technology break I took these past two weeks was much needed. We are coming back into the new year feeling refreshed and actually rested. Sleeping 12 hours a night will do that to you. I've never known Luke to sleep more than 8 hours (normally he gets 6 or 7) and he was sleeping 12 like a champ. It was amazing. 

It wasn't exactly a quiet time but I'm coming out feeling refreshed. A trip to the mountains with 12 great friends, more family time then we have had in long time, and ending it out with a bonfire with 30 people I love the most makes for a pretty amazing time. I didn't have time to really check my phone and was much better for it.

2013 was the first year I really kept to my intentions for the year. I wanted to live a more intentional life, focusing on the good that God has given in my life and focusing less on distractions. I wanted to focus on my family and be less obsessed with social media and what other people were thinking of me. Over this past year, God has broken me of some of my pride which was keeping me prisoner to judgement from others. He has allowed me to see more clearly that Jesus + Nothing = Everything (Reading this book now and highly recommend it.) Because of this I'm feeling free, because I am free. 

So that is my word for the year. Free. Freedom to experiment, freedom to be creative with my time and turn off my phone. Freedom from the trap that is being so busy you can't relax. Freedom to pursue my family and love like He loves me.

I know that this will be a constant struggle. I don't naturally feel free. Its easy to go back to the prison of pride and self-importance. But through Him I have freedom and I'm going to pursue it this year.


  1. Welcome back! What's the book, couldn't find the link?

  2. I'm excited for you and would love to hear more about your process and journey! As you mentioned, I do think it's something we all fight this encouragement!


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