Friday, January 10, 2014


Your weekly overdose of Rowan, patiently waiting for dad. 
This week was rough, getting back in the swing of things seemed really hard this time. Somebody told me that the most depressing day of the year is the first Monday back after Christmas and I think I agree. I was dragging myself out of bed and generally having a bad attitude the first couple days of the week, but I think I'm getting past it. French fries seem to help. 

Anyhow I'm glad the weekend is back, how about you? The most beautiful babe in the world is turning 1 so I'm heading up to Charlotte to see my best friend and get some baby snuggles in, so prepare for the overgramming that I'm sure will happen. 

I've really been enjoying Victoria's natural beauty series, have you been following along? It can be so overwhelming sorting through all the tons of 'natural' beauty products out there, so Victoria's series has been a lifesaver.

I'm getting ready to start the simple 21 day detox that Natalie talked about and I'm excited to see what I think. Natalie said she was already seeing results in 5 days!

Happy Friday you made it to the weekend!


  1. I can't wait to hear about the cleanse. I've been thinking about that too.


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