Monday, February 10, 2014

building a deck

This weekend the deck went in and its huge news around here. I just know we are going to live out here this spring/summer and its so exciting to see progress. My husband and father are rockstars and worked like crazy to get it all done and it looks perfect. I can't wait to outfit the deck this spring, we have some really fun plans coming up.

The dogs were a big help obviously. Rowan was all up in their business all weekend.

If you remember the plan, the next step is putting in a pea gravel patio going in next to the deck for the firepit, and then sod most of the backyard. Getting the deck in just feels like a huge step in the right direction you know?


  1. That is a big deal and its looking good. They are making fast work of it!

  2. SO exciting!! We just need to seal & stain ours and haven't found the time. You're inspiring :)

  3. Oh my gosh this is huge! And it's coming along well! :)


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