Wednesday, March 5, 2014

best afternoon snacks

Recently I've been starving in the afternoon around 4 and have been snacking up a storm. I'm pretty good about having healthy snacks around the house but I've kinda hit a rut. I'm tired of the snacks I normally have so thought I would see what genius you have for the afternoon munchies.
                       This was a great healthy snack list from pinterest... but I can't find the original source.
Some of my favorite snacks that have been on constant rotation are...
1. cucumber, feta and greek dressing mixed together and some hummus. 
2. Greek yogurt cookie dough. AMAZING
3. Whole wheat waffle with peanut butter
4. Cheese and crackers
5. Salsa mixed with black beans and cheddar cheese with tortilla chips

What are your favorite yummy healthy snacks? I really need some more options...


  1. Love all of these but when the hummus and pita is out I can't be stopped! My favorite snack by far but I'll eat it all in one sitting so I try to avoid it!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  2. Love that snack list! I have hummus with everything: cucumbers, carrots, soft shell tortillas, pretzel crisps ....
    I also love mixing almonds, craisins and white choc. chips. So good!

  3. now i'm hungry! love all the suggestions...gotta go try that cookie dough yogurt...sounds amazing!


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