Monday, March 3, 2014


Rowan gave her stamp of approval on the pea gravel patio this weekend. She rolled around in it for about an hour. Now if we can keep her from eating it that will be the real win.
It was 70 degrees all weekend so we lived outside, I know my friends who live where its still snowing hate me right now. Sorry. It was such a good weekend though, we made lots of progress outside on some fun DIY's and we are finally starting to be able to enjoy our backyard which is awesome. When I look back on how much we have done in the past year on our house it makes me so grateful. This time last year we didn't even have crown molding up, the sheetrock was still being finished and the backyard was last on the priority list. I love this little house and even though we have a whiles to go, I'm so happy where we are now. Its raining outside today but I'm trying to finish up staining our breakfast room table, I can't wait till its done! 
Happy Monday, lets make this week awesome. 


  1. The best. Happy as a clam! :)

  2. it looks so warm and inviting in that sun...i don't blame him!


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