Monday, April 7, 2014

recent happenings

Thanks so much for sticking around through my little break. It was much needed and I am coming back feeling refreshed, and isn't that the whole point?? I did miss you guys while I was gone for sure. 

I'm so excited to be finished with the home depot style challenge, and can't wait to share all the fun! Let me just say, the difference between where we started with our backyard and where it is are now is amazing. 

The spring weather seems finally here to stay and I'm loving the 80 degree days. This winter was the worst. I bought a few fun new bathing suits, this one from target being my favorite and I can't wait to bust it out at the beach and lake.

We are finally really moving forward on the renovation. Its getting real ya'll! Luke has gotten all the money part done so now the fun part can start. We are working on permits now and then its demo time, Luke's favorite part. I'm super obsessed with this vanity shape which is our master bathroom vanity inspiration. I stole this image from Riley's pinterest, but she is my best friend so she loves me anyhow.
I got some fun news that buzzfeed featured my DIY gold leafed books.
Its been really fun to follow along creating with the stars, they are knocking out of the park with the DIY's for reals. Did you see the pixelated painted wall from classy clutter? I mean. 
Hope you guys had a great couple of weeks! Glad to be back :-)


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