Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Rowan has my heart ya'll. She is so much fun and adds so much joy to my life. I thought you all needed a Rowan update so here is what 1 year old Rowan loves, spring edition. 

We call her our baby golden cause she is little. 60 lbs and isn't growing anymore, which is a good 20 lbs smaller then a lot of goldens. I love it. 

She doesn't really like food unless its human food. And we don't skimp out of food. Blue Buffalo all the way, but baby girl doesn't love it. If its watermelon or bread or meat she is in but she lets her food sit in her bowl for a couple of hours before she eats it.

Still gets carsick in the car and throws up on road trips. Can't say I blame her I'm the same way.

Cuddling is her favorite.

She is this gorgeous white color, everyone asks if she is an english golden but she isn't. We just hit the jackpot with this little one.

She actually chases her tail. 

She will play rough and pretend to bite and then if you put your hand in her mouth she just licks it. She's a softie.

She chases and jumps in circles trying to eat the bumblebees in the back yard. 

If I say "where is dad" she will run to the front door and jump up and look for Luke. Melts my heart.

When you don't feel good, she knows and will just sit there and cuddle with you for hours. 

Dogs are the best and this little on has my heart big time. 


  1. She is pretty darn adorable.

    And just FYI for readers from NC, her name is not pronounced like the county Rowan (Row-ANNE' as peeps from NC might say), this gal's name has an accent on the ROW' with a soft 'an'.

    I learned the hard way. Oops! :)

  2. Awww she IS your baby. What a sweet dog. Pets are truly our little family members too. :)

  3. oh my gosh, i love that you did this cute post to recap her traits and first year. i totally wanna do that for my baby animals. i love rowan, nice to meet her!


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