Monday, May 12, 2014

Our bathroom redo plans / progress update

Our bathroom addition is coming right along and I thought you might want to see our plans. The above plan was the existing bathroom when we bought the house. One of the reasons we got the house for a such a great deal was the fact it was a 3 bedroom 1 bath house so we bought knowing we would add another bath. The twins sped that process along because we want to be done by the time they get here!

 This is the renovation plan. The once only bath becomes our master bath and we are adding the other bath in some space that was a little awkward hall. Our plan is to finish our bathroom first and add the built in closets you see flanking our master door before tackling the second bath. 
The past weekend we really saw some progress and it makes me so excited. You remember when we were down to studs a few weeks ago? Now we actually have walls and our custom vanity is installed!
Isn't it gorgeous? The granite is getting measured today and the tile samples are ordered. The walls are primed and will be painted after we get the mirror measured. Ahh progress. So happy to see it getting done!!


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