Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our girl's nursery

If we are friends on instagram then you saw a sneak peek of the girls rug yesterday. I snagged this rug at RugsUSA when they were having their big mother's day sale. Don't you just love that site?? (I only see the 5x8 on the site now.. maybe they are sold out of the bigger sizes). 
It is exactly what I was thinking, colorful and fun but not super girly. I'm also sure that these Biscuit sheets have a place in the nursery as well. I've actually had these crib sheets pinned from before I was pregnant because I love them so much!  Bailey always does it right, the girl has mad talent and right now they are running a bedding sale through tonight so make sure you take advantage of it! Have you seen the biscuit paint wall? Its insane and amazing.   


I'm not exactly sure what else we are doing in that room, I'm waiting until we get the renovations done. We are adding a small hallway into that room so once that is done I'll figure out what other furniture we are doing.But I'm liking where we are headed :-)


  1. I love the plans so far! I love nurseries that aren't too gender specific and it makes them so much easier to transition!

  2. Love the rug and sheets combo. I think this room is going to look amazing.


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