Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Custom distressed table

One of my favorite things about working in design is the relationships you develop with local creatives. Its awesome being inspired by local talent. MS Colours  is a special firm that creates these amazing custom finishes, my favorite is the lacquer finish. They lacquered the dining room ceiling of the owner of the firm I work for and you can literally see your reflection in it. Its incredbile. Well they have started making these distressed tables and I'm in love. I took one home to photograph and I don't think I'll be able to let it go. They do any size and any color and the attention to detail is what makes it special. 

 Since so much of our house is under renovations, it makes me really happy to see this little space all set up. MS Colours is on pinterest, so follow along to see what they are up to, especially all the fun finishes!


  1. love it, and the entire vignette!


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