Tuesday, June 3, 2014

our DIY sputnik / copy of LGN's

 Sometimes you just have to go with a DIY you know will rock it because Jenny from Little Green Notebook did it first. And that is what I did here with her DIY Sputnik fixture. We needed a new light fixture for our living room so I snagged the 22" diameter ikea fixture (smaller then the one Jenny used). 
 All in all the project took around 3 hours from start to hanging the fixture and that was with 30 minutes of drying time for the gold spray paint. I just watched lots of modern family and glued my amuse bouche cups. Luke snapped this picture when I was about 40 cups in and still had 40 to go.
We LOVE the final product and it cost about $70 total. Luke even gets on me when I turn off the light because he likes the way it looks lit up so much haha! 


  1. I love this DIY, it looks so high end! Nothing like pregnant crafting :)

  2. Looks beautiful! Must be a great feeling to have a new light fixture in there. Way to end your vacation on a productive note! Also, emailing you now because YOU ARE THE BEST… :)


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