Monday, July 7, 2014

28 weeks

This week is 28 weeks for our little girls and I thought it would be fun to recap how our 2nd trimester went, now that we are in our 3rd! Crazy! 

Maternity clothes: So far I've bought one pair of maternity shorts and that's its. Everything else is normal clothes that just stretch out a lot and I've gone up a size in teeshirts, which means I'm stealing all of Luke's :-)

Sleeping: Well thank goodness and rolling from side to side. I wedge myself in with pillows, its pretty funny.

Movement: TONS. Both baby girls are moving around like crazy, I feel kicks and hiccups all the time and they definitely both love the water. When I get in the pool or the bath they start kicking. Like mama like babies. 

Mood: All over the place! Super excited to scared to tired of feeling so huge. I started crying over the weekend when I saw the nursery finally painted. 

Feeling: Dizzy and lightheaded a lot which is not fun. I'm also waddling for sure. Really grateful that both babies are happy and healthy.

Names: We can't decide, picking 2 names is hard! Been stalking through Oh Joy's! name post for ideas. 

Stretch marks: Not yet. Been using this religiously since I got pregnant and love it. 

Miss anything? Yep, spicy and mexican foods. It upsets my stomach too much and I miss it like crazy. Queso for reals.

Wanting: A good look at our sweet girls. We have another ultrasound tomorrow and we are hoping to get the 4D images, but apparently that is really hard to do with twins... its hard to get them to look at the right angle. Fingers crossed! 

Renovation: coming along... my parents came down this past weekend and we got a lot down... plumbers are coming this week to plumb the new bathroom and I can't wait! Need to get on ordering all the finishes this week. So ready for this to be done!

Here's to the 3rd trimester, I can't believe how close we are getting!!


  1. Too cute!! From a girl who's had look fabulous!!

  2. You look great!!

  3. Have I told you how jealous I am that your are having twins?! And girls?! You look great mama!

  4. Eileen, you look beautiful! I'm thinking of you often! :) So thankful for your two blessings.

  5. I'm playing catch-up today! You look amazing, and I love this little round-up of your updates :) So happy for you and thrilled everyone is healthy. Such an exciting time!!!

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