Thursday, February 12, 2015

life update / moving / twins

We have had the craziest past month. Good crazy though. Shortly before the twins were born we found out that Luke had gotten a job transfer from Columbia SC. We were so excited. We had been wanting to move back to the upstate for a while, our family is all there and Clemson of course (our alma mater). We wanted the twins to grow up surrounded by family and Clemson football on fall weekends. Exciting buttttt at this point the house was a mess with the renovation and I was super pregnant. Then the girls arrived 2 months early and the house was put on hold while we dealt with NICU life. When the girls were born we still didn't have walls in the new addition bathroom, or lighting. We got back in our groove a little more when the girls got home and we powered through and finished the reno with newborn twins, don't ask me how because I'm still not sure how we did that.

We relaxed over Christmas knowing that we would need to put the house on the market in January and the new year brought about deep cleaning and organizing. I also got the house photographed by Angela Cox and the pictures are amazing, just you wait till I post them! She's awesome.

We planned to move out of the house when it went on the market so it would stay clean and I didn't have to deal with showings with the twins. We moved in with my parents a few weeks ago, they live near Luke's new job and I have built in babysitters while we house hunt. Best decision ever. 
So right now we are living in the upstate and house hunting and managing our house in Columbia still. 

The girls are doing great and are over 6 months now and 'talking' up a storm. They like green beans, rolling over and sitting up. They are obsessed with their daddy and are happiest when they are in a wrap with momma. I also have a post planned about how I think we survived with twins through the first 6 months so be on the lookout for that and renovation finals.


  1. What a great little update! Excited for you in this next chapter, and looking forward to more updates about those two little precious ones. :)

  2. Oddly enough my husband has a house for sale in Greenville. What specifics are you looking for in a home? (we are Clemson Tigers and live in Greenville also!)

  3. Good to hear from you and those sweet little nuggets! I don't know how you have handled all of that but congrats!!


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