Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our new master bedroom closets

If I could use emoji's on my computer I would use the heart one for this. Our master bedroom closets. Our neighborhood in Columbia was full of charm with lots of 1940's bungalows but notoriously low on closet space. This was the closet situation when we moved in. One tiny original closet and a shoddy add on closet that happened sometime in the 90's. 

When we added the master bath we shifted around the doorway and it ended up centered on this wall. We inset the door from the dining room so we could have flush closets on either side of the door. I designed the doors to be simple and take up almost the whole wall and I love the look it gives. We painted the trim the same color as the walls and added huge gold pulls. It ends up giving us tons of storage and you don't even really notice that its a whole wall of closets.
It was a relatively easy renovation for such a high end look and it makes me happy every day I look at.  


  1. I love the hardware! It would be really hard to leave those behind!

  2. I would love to see pictures with the doors open. Did you just bump the floor up?

  3. LOVE this shade of gray! What color is that?

  4. @Meagan we don't have any! I wish we did. we did not bump the floors up we left the floor and added a storage unit for sweaters and scarves.

    @pinkflamingostyle thanks!! Its benj moore brewster grey


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