Thursday, February 26, 2015

printing memories

Since having the twins I've been wanting to print more pictures (of course right?). Before they were born we had one picture frame in our entire home. That's embarrassing. Now we have tons everywhere. Is that embarrassing too? 
I also wanted to make some photo books of the twins and ended up doing the shutterfly ones. So easy, I could have one uploaded and ready to print in a few hours. (If anyone is wondering, I did the 8" modern white ones) I knew if I didn't write everything down now, I never would! So I've made 3 for the twins so far, one each for their NICU stays and how they progressed and one combined since they have been home. I still remember how much I loved to look at my baby book when I was little so I'm hoping these will be that for them.I also just made one of Luke and I's college and marriage years before the twins were born, and that was hilarious to look back at all those. yikes.     
Instagram is such a great visual diary and I wanted all those pictures printed but didn't know exactly how to do that until I found chatbooks and now I'm addicted. It automatically prints your instagram photos every 60 pages and ships it to you for $6 a book. Amazing. I also went back and printed all my old photos too and that was so easy to do, you do everything from your phone! Have you guys used them?
I recently read something about how our generation could be the 'lost generation.' Everything is digital now and nothing is printed. That really hit me and made me kick the printing into high gear. Pretty soon my house will be covered in pictures. How do you guys print your pictures?

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