Tuesday, March 31, 2015

still the most popular post- DIY headboard then and now

We are in full swing around here figuring out what we want to keep for our new house. Our DIY headboard is still one of my favorite projects that we ever did, and its still the most viewed post on my blog, 2 years later. Mostly thanks to Jenny from Little Green Notebook featuring it on her blog (can I say girl crush?) The thing took for-freaking ever, we nailed in each nailhead by hand because of all the curves. kill me now. Still have bad memories of that day. But I've loved it every day since then and it followed us from rental to house to remodel. 
(PIcture from a couple of years ago with the rental)
When I was pregnant and taking up 95% of the bed Luke got so fed up with it he decided to buy a king size bed "for you honey". We all know it was so he didn't have to sleep in 10" anymore but I was nonetheless excited, this way I could spread out with 8 pillows. Which I still do actually, that pregnancy habit stayed with me. Well we've been using the queen sized headboard with the king bed since last year and we've made it work, you honestly can't really tell looking at it its the wrong size but it bugs me and I'm thinking I need a new king headboard (Besides, I have a different color palette in mind for the new house). Waaaa. So I'm trying to decide what to do with the headboard. Keep it? Sell it? I can't decide!

I'm also trying to decide if I'm bold enough to try a DIY bed like this one, but add in an upholstered headboard. Kinda scary but also awesome.


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