Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the new house / before pictures

Last Friday we signed the papers and got the keys for our new house. Its a dream house for us and I can't believe its ours. For those of you who don't know, the Greenville real estate market is CRAY and its been a crazy road. We started looking in the area last fall and just getting an idea for what areas we liked. We got serious in January once we sold our house in 2 days and moved in with my parents so Luke could start his position in Greenville. Over the next couple of months we looked a lot of great houses and put in offers on 2 that we lost in bidding wars. We put in offers on the first day these houses came on the market and offered well over list value but we were one of 5 or 6 offers and lost out. I told you the market is crazy! Our real estate agent was AMAZING (Local peeps, email me if you want her information!) She kept us in the loop of houses coming on the market and always kept telling me she knew we would find something great. Well our house came on the market and we saw it the first day (one of 8 people) put in an offer and it was accepted! This house is above what we expected we could get in the area we are, its 10 minutes from Luke's work and 5 minutes from Greenville's awesome downtown and around the corner from where my Grandmother grew up. We love it. Throughout this whole process as we lost the other two houses I just felt a peace that God would allow us to find the right house in His timing and we did. I really feel like this is a dream house for us and I'm beyond grateful for it. 
It has so much character, shiplap on a lot of the walls and tons of built-ins and windows. Its an older 1930's farmhouse style with a huge front porch and a white picket fence. We are doing work on the kitchen and painting almost every room and thats about it for now. 

 Living room/ Dining room with vaulted ceilings.
 Master bedroom with french doors to patio and more vaulted ceilings.

 Nursery with such fun built ins and a vaulted ceiling. 

And the best part of the nursery, a loft. I'm sure the girls will LOVE it when they get older, that would have been my dream room when I was little! 

Kitchen, this is where most of the work is happening. Right now the ceiling is ripped out as we find out what is structural to figure out how much of the walls we can open up. Tile is already gone.
During tile demo. I did not volunteer to help with that. 
And there is an upstairs guest room and playroom that I can't seem to find pictures of, I'll take some today. Follow along on instagram to see more updates (acreativedayblog)

That's about it! I'll be blogging my design inspiration as I've been working hard on getting the design finalized for a month now. Can't wait to share!  


  1. Congratulations! I love the Greenville area - my dad grew up there and the downtown is so fun!

  2. Love it! We bought our house just a couple months ago.. I loved the feeling!

  3. That is SUCH a pretty house, Eileen! I can't wait to see what you and Luke do with it! :)

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  5. How exciting! And loads of character too. And good for you guys for getting right at it.


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