Monday, May 4, 2015

the new house / master bedroom headboard DIY

When I started thinking about our master bedroom in the new house, I knew I wanted to do dark walls. We have these amazing vaulted ceilings in this room as well as french doors to the backyard. (pinch me). More before pictures here
I knew we could handle a dark color because we get so much light in this room. We also removed the shelf that cut off the height of the ceiling visually.
I couldn't get the idea of a gold linen headboard on a black wall out of my head so I started looking around. Amazon had the cheapest option I could find at $270 for a king size which wasn't bad but I knew I could make one for around $100 so decided to DIY it.
I went with Grayline Linens which a lot of bloggers recommended. (I found through Little Green Notebook). I got 3 yards of the Citron and total shipped was about $45. Great deal and look for the price.
Ours propped up before we finished painting. Its really easy to make a simple DIY headboard and Luke and I knocked this one out in about 2 hours during one of the twins afternoon naps.
 We always use: (FOR A KING)
1/2" plywood cut down to size. Hardware stores will normally cut it down for you if you don't have the tools at home. We measured our mattress and added 4" total, so I think ours ended up at 80" width. We didn't cut down the height at all, I wasn't sure what height I wanted and knew that extra height doesn't really matter. 

Egg crate. Cheaper then foam from the craft store. We did ours 2 thick so it was nice and soft and used 2 twin egg crates. cut your egg crate down 1"ish smaller then the plywood so you can attach your nailhead to the plywood.

Batting. 3 yards

Fabric. 3 yards. You will need to iron this a lot if its linen, pulling it tight when you staple also helps creases to come out. 

Staple gun.

One pack of this nailhead from Amazon. 

How to.

Cut down your egg crate to 1" less then the plywood all around. Layer your batting and pull tight, staple in the back. Layer your fabric over and staple in back, make sure you fold the corners tightly! Attach nailhead with a mallet.
Pretty easy! 
Just call us the naptime warriors. 


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