Friday, June 12, 2015

Rug Pads

So I've always been picky about rug pads, which is kinda a weird thing to be picky about I guess. I like the good ones, the ones that don't disintegrate and actually make your rug feel so much softer. I've had some stick to my hardwood floors before so I'm always scared its going to ruin my floors. A couple of months ago we bought the jute rug from RugsUSA for the girls new room we needed a rug pad.  We were spending so much money in the kitchen I really wanted to save so I decided to see if the rug would work without a rug pad. Bad idea. It slipped all over the place when you walked on it. 
Well then RugPadUSA just happened to email me about doing a review of a rug pad and I was all the stars have aligned. It was going in the girls room so I was excited that they have the Eco-cushion non-slip pad. I wasn't worried about a chemical smell and it provides a really soft cushion for when the girls tumble. They cut it down to fit under my rug which was a more unusual size and it was easy to put down. Thumbs up in my book! 

RugPadUSA gifted me with a rug pad in exchange for a review which I was really excited about. No more slipping rugs here. 

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