Monday, October 12, 2015

The new house LIVING ROOM / Before and After

Our Living Room / before and after. These before and after posts I have coming for you have been a long time coming. Renovating always takes longer then you think it will am I right?? If you've been there you know. 
When we first moved into our house the living room had great bones, high ceilings and amazing paneling. BUT the paneling was painted brown which made the ceilings feel lower and everything felt tight. We lightened up the walls with my favorite whitesh color and immediately it felt so much bigger. 

Our TV is on the wall out of the right of the above picture for optimal sit in front of the fire and watch football seating. The white chair is a swivel so its great for conversation or tv watching. Luke claimed the grey chair as his and I take the couch :-)
I painted every other stair riser light grey for some interest and to draw your eye up.
I have loved trying to use most of the pieces from our old house and add in a few new pieces like the rug, floor lamps and accessories. Stay tuned for a post with sources and details!

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