Wednesday, November 18, 2015

the new house / Front porch progress and plans

Our porch
I've always dreamed of a farmhouse style white house with a big front porch and this house totally delivers. The twins and I love hanging out on the porch waiting for daddy to get home (the most exciting party of the day to them. so cute) and Luke and I like to curl up out their with a cup of coffee in the morning before he leaves for work and the girls get up. We like our set up now but are just borrowing these pieces until we get our own. 
I've always dreamed of a bed swing on the front porch since my bff and her husband built one and I'm planning to straight up copy her idea. (love you roo).  
Ronnie Dunn's Barn Guesthouse designed by Rachel Halvorson
Wouldn't you love to have a one of these on your front porch?? We are looking to DIY a version but these are some of my favorite designs I've found around the web. My plan is to use an twin mattress we have and build the frame around that with a waterproof cover and outdoor fabric. We are hoping to get it built this winter so we can enjoy it in the spring. I'll be keeping you updated with plans and progress and be sure to send any good inspiration pictures my way! 

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  1. I love ours and it was built by my dad so it can definitely be DIYed! Although he swears to never attempt one again because of the detail/time that went into it :)


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