Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Put on some Christmas music and wrap those presents

I'm so glad you liked our Christmas tour! It was so fun to be in our new home and decorate this year. I'm back today sharing some easy present wrapping tips. When I was younger I volunteered to wrap everyone's presents from everyone in my family, even some of my own presents. I loved it. Still do. 
 So pour some wine, turn on Michael Buble's Christmas album and start wrapping.

This year since things are so busy with the twins I wanted something easy that still looked special. I grabbed some printed paper from Hobby Lobby, and some twine, tags and cute reindeer clothespins from the dollar section at Target. I had some old craft paper wrapping paper from Ikea so I used that too but I know Target has some good options too. 
Instead of the traditional twine tied in a bow I wrapped it multiple times around the box and tied it off in the back. Sticking fresh rosemary in between the twine adds a fun touch and it smells amazing. Finish off with a fun gilded tag or fun reindeer and done! 
I did different colored tags and twine but stayed with the same general idea for continuity and to make things easier on me. I'm almost done with all the shopping and wrapping, gone are my last minute shopping trips. Pushing a double stroller with 16 month twins through a crowded store will do that to you. You order everything on Amazon Prime or do all your shopping a month in advance when Mimi is available to babysit. What about you, almost done or last minute shopper? 


  1. I shop all year and at the last minute too! No routine for me during the holidays! I love your idea about using fresh rosemary as part of your decorating packages. I am going to try that this year too!

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