Saturday, January 23, 2016

Easy closet upgrade / affordable gold pulls

We are 'snowed in' today. The 2 inches we got last night effectively shut down our city and everyone is snuggled inside by fires and making snow angels. Hashtag I love living in the south. So I'm blogging. On a Saturday. I know what??
I'm sharing one of my favorite easy upgrades we have done in both of our master bedrooms and its one of my favorite details. 
Our old master bedroom (shown above) was such a transformation from the before space. 
We moved a few doors around while adding a second bathroom and centered the new entrance door on this wall and built in two new closets. Luke's dad custom built the simple doors and we went floor to ceiling with them. It was a relatively easy upgrade that made the whole room feel custom and special. When I was looking for hardware I knew I wanted large and gold. I looked at the Lewis Dolin but didn't want to pay $40 a pull so after lots of searching around I found these. My secret source. Gold bar pulls at $5 for the 12". They have all different sizes up to 15".
I loved this room. When we moved into our new house we had simple closet doors with large round wood knobs and I knew the same pulls would look great. 

They just add a fun detail and make the otherwise simple doors stand out and you can't beat the price. Let me know if you buy them and use them, I'd love to see! 


  1. Love the before and after! And that blue grey is really beautiful with the gold knobs

  2. They look awesome and the room's color is just stunning!

  3. They look awesome and the room's color is just stunning!

  4. I was just considering pulls like these for our wardrobes {wrote about it here:}. What a great price - I will definitely keep this source in mind for the future. We ended up going with these: Love your wall color, too -- is it more of a navy or charcoal?

  5. Your room looks so neat. Love the closet pulls.:)


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