Monday, September 12, 2016

Our porch bed swing is done and for sale!

When I first walked on this porch when we were house hunting I thought it needed a bed swing. Its a huge covered porch with wide planked floors and it was just crying out for one- so finally after a year of living in the house we got it designed and made and we LOVE it. If you follow me on instagram (acreativedayblog) you are probably tired of all the porch swing photos that make it on my insta but we seriously use it ALL THE TIME. And its been summer in the south so I know our hours of usage will only increase as fall comes and it gets cooler. 
To refresh your memory- here is the first post I wrote on the porch where I said we were hopefully going to build the swing this past winter (HAH). We finished it in June so only 5 months behind schedule. We had a magazine shoot here last fall (more about that here) so we borrowed a patio set for the shoot which I loved and unwillingly had to give it back after we finished. It lived pretty bare for most of the winter and then we started planning for the porch overhaul in the spring (see more on the design plan and sources here). I love designing furniture and its always so fun to see something that was in my head come to life. 
My initial design sketches. 
And here it is! The best thing about the swing is its built around a twin mattress so its super comfy. I bought some outdoor fabric locally and had it made into a cover. I also put a waterproof mattress cover and a waterproof mattress bag under the cover just to be safe. Probably overkill since its on a covered porch but still. The pillows are not outdoor fabric but I scotch-guarded them and they have held up great. I did buy these outdoor pillow inserts from Etsy (good prices!) and so far I like them. I do fluff them back up after we sit on them since they are outdoor and aren't super malleable like down. We bought this fan from home depot and love it! 
I've loved this whole process of designing and building this swing so now we decided to sell them locally! We are in Greenville SC and right now we are only selling around our area because shipping would be insane. Here are some details and email me at 
acreativedayblog (at) if you have any other questions!
They are $725 painted in your choice of Benjamin Moore White Dove or Galveston Grey (shown above). No mattress, cover or pillows included. If you want a custom color its a $50 upcharge or if you want an unfinished one we can work out a price cut. No hanging hardware or chain is included because every porch is different in height and structure. Taking preorders right now with a 2 to 3 week lead time. 
We are so excited to be doing this- let me know if you need more information! 


  1. I am dying for this swing, but we live in middle Tennessee. Do you have any idea of an estimate for shipping?

  2. I am dying for this swing, but we live in middle Tennessee. Do you have any idea of an estimate for shipping?

  3. Nice project you've got there. I hope you sell a lot of it as it looks so nice and comfy. It would be good to put on porches or verandahs.

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