Thursday, October 13, 2016

One Room Challenge / the laundry room week 2

I'm back for week 2 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. For more details about what the One Room Challenge is and an introduction to our makeover space, our laundry room, check out my post from week one here.

This week I'm all about the details. I'm breaking down our plan for this space and trying not to get too impatient about getting it all done. Wish me luck ha. 
Here is the view of the right side of the room. As I talked about in the first week, we have been living with this unfinished space for over a year and I am SO EXCITED that we will have four walls in here soon! #itsthelittlethings

We are planning on sheetrocking the wall behind the fridge and running a few extra studs so we can attach a couple of (towel?) bars across that wall. I tend to not dry a lot of clothes so it would be nice to have some racks to hang them all so they don't all have to hang over our kitchen chairs. 

Where you see the old pantry shelves we are going to close in the old shelves because I don't love super deep shelves in a pantry since its hard to reach the back. We are going to build some sort of wood shelves in this space and I can't wait to have my pantry supplies in here! 

Simple farmhouse trim will close in that hole that is open to the crawlspace below. #yikes

I've been testing paint colors but I kinda want to wait to make the final decision until the new light fixture is up. We are getting rid of the florescent that is in there now and I know  that in the soft lighting the paint samples will read differently. 

We are building a butcher block countertop for over the washer/dryer. Can't wait to be able to fold my laundry without losing it down to neverneverland, aka the space behind the dryer. We bought an extra butcher block countertop last year when we did our kitchen so its just been sitting in the guest bedroom for a year taunting me. 

I'm always looking for a place to put Rowan (our golden retriever) when people come over so we thought we would build a DIY dutch door so we can put Rowan in here and she can still see out but be contained. We found a door at our local salvage yard for $15 (score) so if we mess it up we haven't put much into it. 

Also the electrical panel needs to be hidden since its old and the door fell off years ago. I'm working on a really fun DIY so I'll keep you updated. 

We have a tight schedule to get all this done-just four more weeks until the reveal! We are starting on sheetrock and hoping to get some electrical and painting done this weekend since the final trim work and the details seem to take forever. Check back next week to see what progress we have made- and I'll be sharing peeks on instagram so follow me there if you like that kind of stuff (acreativedayblog). 


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