Thursday, October 6, 2016

One Room Challenge / the laundry room

So behind that door is the most unfinished room in my house- my laundry room. It will finally be getting an overhaul (which means getting four solid walls) thanks to the Guest Participant One Room Challenge over the next 6 weeks.

 If you are new to One Room Challenge here's a little background. Linda, the founder of One Room Challenge, hosts 20 design bloggers who post every Wednesday and completely redo a room in 6 weeks. I've followed along with these makeovers for years and they are incredible. (This living room by Cassie is unreal- so gorgeous!) The day after the Challenge, Thursday of each week- any design blogger (called a guest participant) can link up their own spaces to redo. Its a great way to get inspired by lots of room redo's and its also great accountability for someone like me who has a space that desperately needs to be redone with a deadline. 

So cliff-notes version- I'll be posting every Thursday for the next 6 weeks until we reveal the finished space November 10th. Can't wait! 

Also - I'm kinda embarrassed to be showing these photos. I promise I didn't stage anything to make these before photos look worse so the afters would look better- this is the real state of my laundry room and has been for the past year. 
If you remember our kitchen before and after posts, we moved the fridge which was in the center of the kitchen where the peninsula is now into the old pantry, shown below.
photo by sophie brendle
In moving the fridge we lost some room in the laundry room but opened up our kitchen so WORTH IT. 
We knew last year we needed to finish framing in the fridge space and drywall but we didn't want to do that until our old fridge died which we knew was coming soon. Well it did die and we replaced it earlier this summer so we had the final dimensions that we needed for the fridge. But until then we have been living with the open studs for a year. 
And this is how it looks all the time. Yikes. We did run the tile in the laundry room last year and replaced the old linoleum so I'm grateful for that being done already! 

I've known what feel I've been wanting this room to have since we moved in and I can't wait to get started. This room from Plain English via House and Garden is perfection in my book. I'm planning on pulling in moody blue/ grey and butcher block over the washer and dryer (we actually bought an extra butcher block at Ikea last year when we bought the kitchen countertops so we already have it.) 
Next to the fridge we will have open pantry shelving and I love this look from my all time favorite designer Lauren Liess. Sidenote- the idea of having all the pantry supplies in the laundry room where they belong instead of shoved in my upper cabinets just makes me SO HAPPY. Its the little things right?

So I'm excited to get started - I'll be back next Thursday with details, a punch list and layout plans. I'll be sharing more peeks and finds for the room on instagram so follow along (acreativedayblog) or my instagram is linked on the right of my blog! 


  1. We're making over our laundry room too! At least you have some gorgeous floors to start with! I can't wait to see how you transform your space. Best of luck to you!

  2. This is going to be great! I love that you carried the tile into the room. I'm excited to get to follow along!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm so excited to get it done!

  3. Fun challenge! I look forward to seeing what you guys do! :)

    1. I can't wait- its so much fun to have a big project again!

  4. So excited to see this transformation!

  5. I need to concede something here.... I have a hang up about arranging pantries. While we as a 24 hour toronto laundromatwhole know the kitchen is viewed as the "heart of the home" numerous hours are spent in the pantry.


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