Thursday, April 20, 2017

Life update

1- So at the beginning of the year I had all the grand plans to get back to a more consistent blogging schedule but then something happened that made even looking at my computer screen difficult. We are having another baby! We are so excited and found out the middle of January and almost immediately I was hit with severe all day morning sickness- even worse then what I had when I was pregnant with the twins. Even looking at my phone or my computer screen made me sick and we ended up going to stay with my parents for a couple of weeks because I couldn't even get out of bed. It was rough. I'm now 18 weeks and still having some morning sickness but its mainly over PTL because there is nothing fun about parenting toddlers and being sick. Now that the sickness is mainly behind me I'm getting so excited about baby. Its so fun to experience a singleton pregnancy after having a twin pregnancy, it all feels so new. 

2- Another exciting thing that happened this spring is I became a contributor for the local website Greenville 360. I really love my city and its been fun to be part of a movement that is concentrated on exploring all this city has to offer. My first post was last month and I broke down the how-to on our DIY window pipe hardware - so check that out here and follow along on their instagram for more (greenville360)
3- At the beginning of the year we tackled the twins new room. There is a bedroom right off of their playroom and we knew that once the new baby came the twins would need to move to that bedroom and a redo was necessary. The room had good bones but a couple of the closets needed to be re-figured so the layout would work better for the twins and the finishes were dated. The room also had some fun built-ins so we painted and wallpapered the back for a fun detail. Its such a sweet room now and its on my list to get a before and after post together. 

4- We've been working hard on the exterior of the house this spring too. The twins 'helped' pressure wash the house and we have been doing lots of cleaning out flower beds and planting (including that bed you can see above). We started our garden for the year and fingers crossed we can keep the twins from pulling up the cucumber plants. 
5- Now that the morning sickness has gone away and we have a few new projects up our sleeve (including a new nursery!) I'll be back posting more often. I do update instagram more than the blog so make sure you are following along there (@acreativedayblog- link is on the right of the blog). First up- before and after of the twins new room and I also have another Greenville 360 post coming up as well that I'll be sure to share. Happy Spring everyone! 

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