Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Recent Home Purchases

Recently (well in the past 6 months or so), I've found some fun things for our house. For me, it takes a good while to get settled in a house and I don't like to rush it. I like to live in a house for a while and see how we are using the space and then let the house mold to our family's needs. When we first moved in, we made some big renovation decisions but then I've spent the past 3 years refining different spaces and working on the layout. I had in my mind special pieces I wanted for certain spots and didn't rush the process of finding them. What does this have to do with you? Don't put pressure on yourself to completely finish a space right away! Sometimes the right space takes years to come together. So lets keep the fun and put away the pressure.  
We recently got a new rug and I love it! When we moved in, I made a decision pretty fast on a rug for the living room. We had a local magazine shoot coming up and I had to make a decision. I loved the one we had, it worked great for the time we needed it but I don't know if I would have made that decision if I would have had more time. Another example of the challenges of making decisions fast! 
Earlier this year I layered a kilim rug over our old rug and it got wet and stained the white rug so it was the perfect excuse to look for a new one. I wanted a rug that would hide everything (needed with two toddler and a golden retriever), and be super soft since Wren is just starting scooting around and the twins routinely get their sleeping bags out and watch movies. I looked and looked and finally saw Jenny Komenda (Little Green Notebook) post about this rug she used in a dentist office. She said she loved it and had already ordered it 3 more times, including for herself. I was sold. 
We have had it about a month and LOVE it. Its the softest rug and truly hides everything. It is also so affordable, I think I paid about $180 for a 9x12. Its the slate color, and in person it has lots of blues, greys and tans.  
Talking about waiting for the right piece, I knew I wanted a large mirror in the dining room for 2 years! I finally found the perfect one at the perfect price at Route 276, one of my favorite local places in Greenville. If you live around here, its a must visit! I found this giant vintage mirror for $125 and I still can't believe my luck. Christie (the awesome owner) told me they pulled it out of an old house downtown Greenville.  

This isn't a new piece to my house but it recently got a makeover! This piece was my great grandmothers and it got passed to me. I first painted it a fun chartreuse yellow but after getting the mustard yellow sofa it needed a change. I actually used my favorite spray paint (moss green Rustoleum) on the piece and love it. 
My father in law whipped us up this counter stool for the twins and its been used a ton! The twins can pull it over and hang out while we cook or clean and its heavy enough to wear I don't worry about them flipping it over. I'm actually thinking about making some of these to sell locally, what do you think? 
Another fun find from Route 276 are these fun vintage copper pots that I hung over the stove. They make me smile every time they catch my eye, especially since they were super affordable. 
Working on these spaces bit by bit makes it so fun when they start to come together in real life like they do in my head! What about you, do you like doing your decorating a little bit at a time or all at once? 

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