About Me

I'm Eileen. I graduated in architecture 7 years ago and worked at an interior design firm for 5 years before our twin girls joined us in 2014. We had newborn twins and renovated our old house in Columbia and then moved to Greenville SC and renovated with 6 month old twins. I'm still not certain why we thought that was a good idea. But we survived and love our house now! And we keep finding more rooms to renovate as budget and time allows. We do all the work ourselves and its been a fun journey of DIY's and space overhauls. 

I love this city we live in and am passionate about building up the creative community where I live.

  a creative day is where I ramble about all things renovation and the occasional life update.

email me: acreativedayblog@gmail.com

My heart belongs to my husband and twin girls and my true love is Jesus Christ.


  1. Just found your blog while visiting Pawleys Island Posh. Love you super cute blog and your name!

  2. Your blog is so cute! Glad i found it!


  3. Hi Eileen, it's a good surprise to found your lovely blog. Love your's DIY ideas... really simply and beauty. Love form portugal ;)

  4. HI there!

    I just found your blog and I love it! I graduated with an architecture degree in 2011 and I'm back in school studying interior design. Oh, and I love Jesus, too!

    Keep the good posts coming!


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