Pond Waterfall Ideas for an Amazing Backyard

Adding a water feature to your landscape will not just make it look more beautiful but will also give it a rich and luxurious feel. After all, who doesn’t like the sound of flowing or trickling water? This is why water features often become the favorite places for meditation. 

If you too want a peaceful and serene experience of sipping herbal tea while listening to the natural sounds of water, you can set up a waterfall in your house. Let’s discuss some awesome ponds waterfall ideas that can make your home look meh to woah!

Place A Statue Near the Pool

I’m sure we all remember the statue of a boy peeing in the pool. Well, that’s become old and a wee bit indecent (pun intended). So here’s a statue of a boy standing near the pool, pouring in water using a hose. 

At first glance, it will appear that it’s a real boy. But keep staring for a minute and you’ll realize it’s a statue (or maybe a boy who doesn’t want to move at all!) A definite attention grabber and a great way to install a waterfall in your backyard. 

Plant Water Plants

Green always goes well with blue. Water plants make the home pool and waterfall look even more natural. You can plant some plants on the banks of the waterfall. You can even plant lotuses or water lilies inside the pond. 

However, keep in mind that water plants will make the pond or waterfall more difficult to clean. Think you can manage a few extra cleaning steps? Go ahead with these plants as they add a very natural look to the water body in your home.

Make a Koi fish pond

Koi fish survive well in home ponds. However, you’ll need to move them indoors when the temperatures drop in winters. Also, use rainwater for your pond and not the regular tap water. Plus, you’ll need to clean the pond every now and then and feed the fish every day. 

Make sure you plant a few water plants if you’re keeping fish in your pond.

Yes, there are some extra maintenance activities if you want to keep fish. But the upside of that is having beautiful colorful fish in your pond. Koi fish ponds look like natural ponds. Except they’re built right in your backyard!

Give It a Wooden Look

This waterfall is made entirely of wood. Wooden sticks, wooden log slices, and wood chunks, this is the ultimate wood lover’s waterfall dream. If you’re quite the lumberjack yourself, this can be an easy DIY for you.

Water flowing through wood doesn’t just look beautiful, it gives a nice aroma as well, depending on the type of wood you use. You can plant a few plants on the wooden structure to give it a greener look. One great thing about this waterfall is that it can be made from waste wood, making it an ecologically sound project.

Place Some Rocks and Stones 

Crave for that cave feeling? Place some natural rocks to create that unique look that will make you feel you’re out on a vacation while you’re sitting in your own home. Planting shrubbery around the waterfall will make it more beautiful.

While greens are more common with waterfall plants, you can even plant a few flowers to add color to the place. When you’re making a water body in your home, make sure you make it grand. After all, a water body adds grandeur to the landscape.

Create a Swimming Pool

If you have enough space in your home, you can create a swimming pool and the waterfall can go directly into it. This particular pool has a rocky formation to give it a more natural look. A water pump continuously makes the water flow from the source directly to the pool.

And the rocky formation isn’t the only cool part of this pool. Check out the sweet slide that lets you have water fun right in your very own backyard. Climb up the top and slide into the pool – that’s the best way to enjoy summers!

Use Lights Creatively

Your water body shouldn’t just look good in the daytime but also in the night as well. When the sun sets, make sure the lights of the pool make it look alive.

Here, the waterfall merges into a pool and the lights are installed in such a way that it is illuminated in the dark as well. In fact, the lights make it look more glamorous. Since a lot of outdoor parties begin late evening, it makes sense to invest in high quality lighting for your water feature. 

If you have a pond, using underwater lighting will be a great option, especially if you have fish in it.

Place Stepping Stones

Whether your pond is big or small, stepping stones can always be a good idea. Stepping stones are a great way to feel the water below your feet without getting wet. Stepping stones make the pool look more Zen. 

If you’re the spiritual type, you’ll love this look that’s traditional as well as stylish. Check out the water lilies growing in the water. If you’re looking for a little peace and quiet, this is the nook where you should be.

Place a Bridge Over the Pond

Another way to achieve a Zen look on your backyard pond is by placing a bridge over it. It’s also considered good for your home’s Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, a water feature such as a backyard pond adds a sense of refreshment, depth, and reflection to your space.

A bridge doesn’t just help you cross the pond but also lets you stand on it to view your pond from a different perspective. It’s even more beautiful if you have Koi fish in your pond. Stroll in your backyard lazily and stand on the bridge to reflect on life – that’s an ideal Sunday for me.

Build a Seating Area Near the Pond

What’s the point of having a natural looking pond in your backyard when you cannot truly enjoy it? Check out this seating that’s perfect for a romantic setting as well as a comfy chat with friends. The lighting of the place can be adjusted according to your mood.

Also, since it’s covered from above, you can enjoy it in the rain as well as sun. Enjoy a warm cup of tea in this setting while you witness the pitter-patter of raindrops falling in your natural looking pond. That’s the ultimate stress buster.

Place the Seating on the Bridge

Having seating near the pond is one thing. Building it right on the bridge is a whole different thing. Become a part of the whole waterfall and pond scenario with this umbrella type gazebo built on the bridge.

You can simply cross the bridge or choose to stay on it. With seating right on top of the bridge, it’s easier to witness Koi fish playing in the water. Or just close your eyes and be lost in the sounds of water. Hang a few houseplants from the gazebo to add more greenery to space.

Create a Terrace Pond

If you don’t have enough land space to dig out a pool, you can build one on the rooftop. It will be just like a dug-out pond except it might not be suitable for fish. Since it will not be inside the ground, the temperatures will be remarkably different.

However, you can still have water plants in it. Water lilies and lotuses can find a place in your pond. Some other downsides will be the inability to make a walking bridge over it. But that shouldn’t deter you from getting yourself your very own terrace pond as it looks absolutely mesmerizing and lovely.

Build a Pond with Glass Walls

It’s like an aquarium, except it’s a pond. There’s a waterfall right in the middle of it. You can plant some water plants in it. It’s a pretty high pond so you’ll need a window to enjoy its beauty. This is why it has glass windows so you can see it from the inside.

It’s perfect for a small backyard. If you have a small landscape but want to enjoy a pond on your property, you can get this one. You can keep fish in it if you install heating in it. Whether or not you put fish in it, the pond looks beautiful as it is.

Make a Spiritual Connection

Sitting near a pond and a waterfall will give you the same benefit as meditation. It’s no wonder why many people want to combine spirituality with the pond in their homes. You can install a spiritual or religious figurine on your pond to create that connection with the universe.

Besides, installing a spiritual figurine on the pond makes it look like you’re in an ancient temple. A statue made of natural rock gives it a real feel. Enjoy a sense of adventure, right in your own home.

Old Broken Faucet and Bucket

Give it the feel of ancient ruins by getting a waterfall that looks like a broken leaky faucet and a broken bucket. An old wooden bucket will do the trick. You can have a raised pool for this look. While this setup will look amazing in your landscape, a raised pool won’t take up all that space either.

It’s a great idea to turn any bland space into an interesting and exciting feature. Make sure you add water lilies to give it that wild look.

Build a Waterwall

A waterwall can be better than a waterfall in many cases. First, you don’t need extra space for it – the water just flows down the wall. Second, it looks unique and more fun than a traditional waterfall. Third, since it has a wall on one side, there won’t be a lot of wet areas near it.

A waterwall is a different concept but it’s not new. You must have seen waterwalls in malls or workplaces. Now you have the chance to install it in your home. Make your landscape even more beautiful by letting water trickle down a vertical wall.

Water Flowing From a Pot

It’s a traditional and beautiful idea. Water is flowing from an earthen pot. This pot can be installed by itself or you can show a woman holding the pot. Either way, it looks classic and gives a countryside vibe. The pond is lined up with rocks to give it a natural look.

You can plant wild rice in the pond to add to the rustic and raw feeling of the scene. The pot waterfall setup can be used in big as well as small ponds.

Setup a Whirlpool in Your Pond

Give a new and futuristic edge to your home pond. Instead of a traditional waterfall, get this whirlpool that doesn’t spill water on the outside. Instead, it draws water from the center of the water body. This creates a hypnotic look that’s almost surreal.

Just place it in the center of the pond and it will create a stunning look. It can be considered the opposite of a fountain. While a fountain throws out water, a whirlpool sucks water in.

Upcycled Bathtub Pond

I love upcycling. Why waste things when they can be reused? This doesn’t just save money but it’s also good for the planet. Less waste, less garbage. If you have an old bathtub rotting away, use it to create a raised pond in your backyard.

All you need to do is plant some wild plants around the tub and place some water lilies and lotuses in it. Can’t take care of maintenance? Use fake floating flowers instead. It’s really easy to set up and looks beautiful.

Upcycled Beer Barrel

Speaking of upcycling, I have some other ideas as well. Try this beer barrel that was once used to hold parties and making everyone merry. Now it contains water.

Plant some plants around it and it will be the perfect natural setting for your pond waterfall. Use some flowering plants as well to add color. It gives a great look, except it’ll keep reminding of the good ol’ days when the barrel actually had beer in it.

Multiple Pot Waterfall

You don’t have to stop at one earthen pot. Use several pots to create a terracotta structure. This setup looks amazing and it doesn’t take up too much space. It can be placed in your landscape or even indoors. The last pot gives a broken look, making it look like an antique piece.

The empty pot on the side can be filled with earth and a houseplant can be placed in it. If you want to place it outside, you can put some rocks around it to give it a more natural look.

A Pond With Multiple Levels

If you want to sit in the pond occasionally, you’ll need a pond that has levels – quite like a swimming pool. If the pond is too deep, you won’t be able to sit in it for fun. Levels will help you enjoy the pond better.

Other features can be similar to other ponds. For example, you can place plants in and around the pond. There can be a waterfall on one edge. And there can be a statue as well. It’s the same as other ponds – just more fun!

Make It Like an Ancient Well

Remember wells from fairy tales? Throw in a coin and your wishes will come true. Now you can have a well built right into your backyard. Except it’s not a real well – it’s just a pond that looks like a well. It’s a raised pond that looks old and magical.

Plant some bushes and shrubs around it to make it look from a fairytale. Feel free to get lost in an enchanted land where anything can happen anytime and live your childhood dream with this well pond.

Make Your Landscape More Beautiful With Ponds and Waterfalls

Whatever style you may choose, the playful sounds of rippling water trickling over rocks will help you relax and calm down after a hectic day at work.

Water also has the amazing ability to drown the surrounding noises of traffic and other factors. And since water bodies look great, it will enhance your landscape and make it look even more beautiful. 

Swimming pools have become old. If you’re looking for a water body that gives a raw and wild look, consider pond options.