Saturday, January 23, 2016

Easy closet upgrade / affordable gold pulls

We are 'snowed in' today. The 2 inches we got last night effectively shut down our city and everyone is snuggled inside by fires and making snow angels. Hashtag I love living in the south. So I'm blogging. On a Saturday. I know what??
I'm sharing one of my favorite easy upgrades we have done in both of our master bedrooms and its one of my favorite details. 
Our old master bedroom (shown above) was such a transformation from the before space. 
We moved a few doors around while adding a second bathroom and centered the new entrance door on this wall and built in two new closets. Luke's dad custom built the simple doors and we went floor to ceiling with them. It was a relatively easy upgrade that made the whole room feel custom and special. When I was looking for hardware I knew I wanted large and gold. I looked at the Lewis Dolin but didn't want to pay $40 a pull so after lots of searching around I found these. My secret source. Gold bar pulls at $5 for the 12". They have all different sizes up to 15".
I loved this room. When we moved into our new house we had simple closet doors with large round wood knobs and I knew the same pulls would look great. 

They just add a fun detail and make the otherwise simple doors stand out and you can't beat the price. Let me know if you buy them and use them, I'd love to see! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Life with twins and a golden retriever

I'm over at Cuckoo 4 Design taking part in Julia's fun series, Living Pretty with Your Pets. It was so much fun to write a post all about life with Rowan. She is such a sweet girl and is amazing with the twins, and I'm sharing a lot about their relationship so make sure you check out the post here. And while you are there make sure you look around, Julia has a great blog with lots of fun design inspiration!  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thoughts on the New Year

So did you jump into 2016 feeling inspired and ready to go? Or did you need some more time to take it slow after the holidays? I was a little bit of both. On one hand, Luke going back to work after two weeks off and lots of family time was sad but I'm also feeling refreshed and ready to take on some new projects in 2016. I took some time to look back at 2015 and really think about what worked and what didn't and how I could work toward my goals in the new year.I love the beginning of a year, the promise of a new beginning and a fresh start. I read on instagram and I can't remember where, this one momma talking about the promise of a fresh start and how life moves in seasons and rhythms and how God designed us to live in these rhythms and that is one of the reasons we get excited about a fresh start. Its a natural part of our lives to move with the seasons. I thought that was so beautiful. 

 I watched a webinar by Emily Ley (who I have always liked, she is another twin momma) and Lara Casey called A Joyful 2016 and it was so good. You should totally follow them both on instagram. One of the things they talked about was really thinking about what you say yes to and what to say no to and how that relates to social media. Because we all know that social media can be such an encouragement (like everything written by instagrammer (@)thegraygang. She's incredible). Emily said that she created a mission statement for how she wanted to use instagram that helped her to refine what she was sharing as well as helping her not fall into the comparison trap that we all know it can be. Mallory from Style Your Senses wrote that blogging at times can  feel  "like a very public popularity contest" and I totally agree with that for all social media. Its a fine line to walk and I guess we will all struggle with it at some times or another. One of my goals for 2016 is to set up boundaries for myself with social media so I'm not mindlessly scrolling as much. I've turned off notifications from Instagram and that has made the biggest difference already. I'm thinking of my phone less so I reach for it less. I'm still working on a mission statement like Emily talked about, I think that will help too. 
We have finished phase one of the renovation, you can see all the before and afters here. Now its time for phase two and we are slowly gearing up for it. We are working on organizing all the closets right now. You know how when you move in you just shove stuff and forget where it is? Out of sight out of mind? Well we are going through and organizing and decluttering all those spaces, and its been a lot of 'oh thats where this was. I was looking for that.' I've been slowing reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and its as good as everyone said it would be. I'll be selling a few things so keep your eyes open for that. I'm excited about this phase two, its smaller weekend projects which I think will help us stay organized. We did the twins playroom over Christmas and it turned out so fun, I can't wait to share it with you! I'll be sharing more of our phase two plans, why we renovated what we did first and the overall goals of this year soon. 

We also have goals of pursuing family time this year. The girls are at such a fun age, (almost 18 months) and its been fun to get out and explore our city with them. One thing that is interesting with twins is that they are obviously always together so I don't really get any one on one time. When I do they get all excited to have me to themselves but they also spend lots of time looking around for sissy. We are planning on having one on one dates this year. So I'll take one of them for donuts and shopping (because duh) and Luke will take the other hiking (not as much fun). I'm excited to see more of their personalities come out.  

I've also been trying to decide what my plans are for this little space. I still love blogging and this community is really special but I don't have the time to devote consistent every day posts right now. Maybe I should have a goal of once a week? What do you want to see more of, less of? I'm on instagram almost every day and I do love that platform but I miss blogging. I'd love your thoughts. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Put on some Christmas music and wrap those presents

I'm so glad you liked our Christmas tour! It was so fun to be in our new home and decorate this year. I'm back today sharing some easy present wrapping tips. When I was younger I volunteered to wrap everyone's presents from everyone in my family, even some of my own presents. I loved it. Still do. 
 So pour some wine, turn on Michael Buble's Christmas album and start wrapping.

This year since things are so busy with the twins I wanted something easy that still looked special. I grabbed some printed paper from Hobby Lobby, and some twine, tags and cute reindeer clothespins from the dollar section at Target. I had some old craft paper wrapping paper from Ikea so I used that too but I know Target has some good options too. 
Instead of the traditional twine tied in a bow I wrapped it multiple times around the box and tied it off in the back. Sticking fresh rosemary in between the twine adds a fun touch and it smells amazing. Finish off with a fun gilded tag or fun reindeer and done! 
I did different colored tags and twine but stayed with the same general idea for continuity and to make things easier on me. I'm almost done with all the shopping and wrapping, gone are my last minute shopping trips. Pushing a double stroller with 16 month twins through a crowded store will do that to you. You order everything on Amazon Prime or do all your shopping a month in advance when Mimi is available to babysit. What about you, almost done or last minute shopper? 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our Christmas Home Tour / BSHT

As I'm working on this post, I am curled up by the tree and fireplace, Christmas music is playing and both the twins are napping (hooray!). This cozy time of year is the most fun and I'm so excited to experience this season with the twins. They are old enough now to get excited about the lights on the tree and all the ornaments ( I have a great tip for you parents who can't put any breakable ornaments within reach of little hands, so make sure you look out for it later in the post). I have already wrapped a lot of presents and plan on baking up some Christmas treats later this week. Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year! 
I'm excited to join in with Lindsay of The White Buffalo Stylin Co for her Blogger Stylin' Home Tours/ Christmas Edition. This week is filled with incredible tours by talented bloggers and I'm honored to be a part. If you are coming over from Dwellings by DeVore, welcome! Wasn't Bethany's tour gorgeous?
This year is our first Christmas in our new house and I was so excited to be able to decorate, I've been thinking about what I wanted to do since October. But I restrained myself from doing anything until the week of Thanksgiving, which was hard! We have a big front porch on a cottage style house so I knew I wanted to pull in a lot of traditional elements with lots of greenery, plaid and burlap. I found this fun monogram wreath and the perfect plaid ribbon to attach it and the wreaths in all the windows. Rowan (our golden) was so excited and stayed outside with us the whole time we were working so I had to get her sweet face in a picture. 

Our tree is pretty personal and traditional. Most of our ornaments have a story behind them, from ornaments that were mine when I was little, to an ornament we bought on our honeymoon, and now the twins have started a collection. Its so fun to see all the memories behind each one. 
 Target had the cutest pom pom garland in the dollar section which I snatched up. We had an issue this year with little hands grabbing at all the glass ornaments they could find so we moved them up higher and were left with a big hole on the bottom of the tree. At Target I bought some sets of paper gift tags (the deer and the merry and bright) and used them as ornaments on the bottom of the tree.The twins can grab but I'm not worried if they rip one off. Win win.  
My favorite nativity set is an olive wood one that my dear friends brought back for me from Israel. We love having it out so we can talk with the twins about the real reason of Christmas.  

I've never had an open staircase like this and I love having the stockings hung here. Cypress garland is my new favorite as well. 

I kept things simple in the kitchen with a $6 wreath from Trader Joes and fresh apples out on the counter. 
Oh and isn't hot chocolate even more fun with whipped cream and donuts on straws? 

Our antelope head looks pretty happy with a Merry Christmas banner hanging on its antlers doesn't it?
Thanks so much for stopping by to see our Christmas tour! December is such a magical month and I'm grateful to be in our new home and settled this year to enjoy the season. Make sure to head over to my sweet friend Amber at Restless Arrow, she is so talented and her tour is gorgeous. For all the tours check out Lindsay's blog at The White Buffalo Stylin Co
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