Thursday, April 20, 2017

Life update

1- So at the beginning of the year I had all the grand plans to get back to a more consistent blogging schedule but then something happened that made even looking at my computer screen difficult. We are having another baby! We are so excited and found out the middle of January and almost immediately I was hit with severe all day morning sickness- even worse then what I had when I was pregnant with the twins. Even looking at my phone or my computer screen made me sick and we ended up going to stay with my parents for a couple of weeks because I couldn't even get out of bed. It was rough. I'm now 18 weeks and still having some morning sickness but its mainly over PTL because there is nothing fun about parenting toddlers and being sick. Now that the sickness is mainly behind me I'm getting so excited about baby. Its so fun to experience a singleton pregnancy after having a twin pregnancy, it all feels so new. 

2- Another exciting thing that happened this spring is I became a contributor for the local website Greenville 360. I really love my city and its been fun to be part of a movement that is concentrated on exploring all this city has to offer. My first post was last month and I broke down the how-to on our DIY window pipe hardware - so check that out here and follow along on their instagram for more (greenville360)
3- At the beginning of the year we tackled the twins new room. There is a bedroom right off of their playroom and we knew that once the new baby came the twins would need to move to that bedroom and a redo was necessary. The room had good bones but a couple of the closets needed to be re-figured so the layout would work better for the twins and the finishes were dated. The room also had some fun built-ins so we painted and wallpapered the back for a fun detail. Its such a sweet room now and its on my list to get a before and after post together. 

4- We've been working hard on the exterior of the house this spring too. The twins 'helped' pressure wash the house and we have been doing lots of cleaning out flower beds and planting (including that bed you can see above). We started our garden for the year and fingers crossed we can keep the twins from pulling up the cucumber plants. 
5- Now that the morning sickness has gone away and we have a few new projects up our sleeve (including a new nursery!) I'll be back posting more often. I do update instagram more than the blog so make sure you are following along there (@acreativedayblog- link is on the right of the blog). First up- before and after of the twins new room and I also have another Greenville 360 post coming up as well that I'll be sure to share. Happy Spring everyone! 

Friday, December 2, 2016

How to easily hang a large gallery wall

I've hung large gallery walls for clients when I was working at a design firm, but recently I decided I wanted a family photo gallery wall down our hallway. A large 20ish piece gallery wall (cue Luke getting stressed). But I have a few tricks that help make it SO MUCH easier and dare I say stress free? Luke even mentioned how easy it was- and we hung 18 frames in less than an hour. 
BEFORE: I'm standing in my living room taking this picture and you can see the wall where the gallery wall is going peeking out. 
Also these light fixtures for my hall are so fun and only $30! My friend Briana (who is so talented and you should be following her NOW) found them for her hall and I totally copied her and now we are light twinsies. Anyhow- I got the oil rubbed bronze version and sprayed them black.  
I knew I wanted to remove that frame and the doorbell. WHY do people hang doorbells (and thermostats???) right in the middle of the wall? After we had a blank wall I went to Ikea's website and got the sizes of 3 different frames and used a craft paper roll to cut out about 10 templates of each size. I then used washi tape and played with the templates on the wall until I had the layout I wanted.
When you get to hanging the frames I find its easier if you have several pictures on the same line so the hanging measurements are the same. You can see how the three pictures on the left are in a vertical line and how the bottom row has 4 pictures that are different orientations but the same vertical height. This helps! 
All 18 of the Ribba frames ready to go. 

Then grab your laser level. Thank goodness for laser levers. The frames that are on the same line we would hang the two nails for one frame and then laser level the line up and go ahead and mark on the paper the next two or so frames and nail them all in at one time. Also using two nails to hang is so much easier! You don't have to get the center because the frame will sit on the two nails and you can slide to the left and the right to make sure its lined up with the other frames below and above it. We spaced our nails about 2 to 4 inches apart depending on the size of the frame. This also helps it hang straight and not get crooked like they do when you hang on one nail.
Progress! After you nail in the nails over the paper, rip the paper off the wall and your marks are gone and you are left with a clean wall! 

Final! I ordered all my family photos from Shutterfly and can't wait to get them in! What do you think about my system? It makes it so much easier and not as stressful because you can see your layout completely before you hang. It has helped me so much and I hope it helps you! 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Budget Breakdown / the laundry room

I'm back today with our budget for the Laundry Room reveal. I'm always interested to see how other blogger's projects break down budget wise- I feel like it helps others figure out if its doable for them when you share some numbers for a bigger DIY project.  We've been saving up for a while to do the laundry room- we never finished it last year when we did our big kitchen renovation (see the kitchen before and afters here) so its been unfinished for about a year and at the top of our project list. 
If you remember this is what we started with (YIKES).

We had already laid tile in this room and bought an extra 6' butcher block countertop last year when we did the kitchen renovation so that was awesome to have that already done. But other than that here is our list of what we did

- Build and install new dutch door
- Sheetrock in wall
- Baseboard trim
- New light fixture
- New sconces
- Install butchblock countertop over washer/ dryer
- Build custom electrical panel cover
- Build stained shelves with L brackets for pantry (5 total) and one over the washer/dryer
- Paint ceiling and patch where fluorescent light was
- Patch and paint walls 
- Paint all trim 
- Install dryer bars 
- Lots of baskets and accessories for storage 

Total spent = $890

Breakdown (these are round numbers)

$180 - Sheetrock, Framing, Paint 
$160 - Shelving, Stain and Brackets for shelves
$150 - Dutch Door. We purchased a door from our local salvage yard and cut it up and added hardware. 
$90 - Electrical Panel cover. This would have been less but we got charged over $30 for shipping for a decorative panel oops.
$120 - Lighting. We ordered the same light fixture we used in our kitchen reno and these two sconces.
$190 - Accessories and storage.  

For a total room redo we were pretty excited with that number! I was so grateful we had already bought the tile and the countertop which would have added about $350 I think?
If you are looking for a specific source most of the sources are in the one room challenge posts- this post has the introduction to the space and before photos, this post has the design plan,  this post has sheetrock and paint up, this post has details on the DIY shelves and lighting, and this post has our DIY dutch door and electical panel cover. 

I so enjoyed being part of the One Room Challenge this year- it was my first time and a super positive experience. Thanks to Linda for hosting! 

I'm back later this week with my favorite way to hang a large gallery wall- 18 frames!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

One Room Challenge REVEAL / the laundry room

Reveal day is here! Redoing our laundry room for the One Room Challenge has been such a fun experience for me. Its been great to have the push to finally finish the room and the accountability that we only had 6 short weeks! If you are just catching up, this post has the introduction to the space and before photos, this post has the design plan,  this post has sheetrock and paint up, this post has details on the DIY shelves and lighting, and this post has our DIY dutch door and electical panel cover. And now that everyone is caught up, lets get to the reveal!
I am so grateful for my sweet and talented friend Sophie Brendle Photography who captured this space for me. What would us bloggers do without talented photographers? It seriously takes a village. 

We've come a long way, do you remember these befores? See more before photos here. I never thought I would be so excited to see 4 walls. #adulting

The DIY Dutch door turned out so well and now because the laundry room is so pretty I leave the top open most of the time. An added benefit is that I notice more that my laundry is ready to move over so I actually might finish laundry before dinner some days. Maybe not but its still pretty to look at now. It also is the best place to put up our golden retriever when people come over. More details on the dutch door here. I painted it Benjamin Moore onyx to match the other doors in the house. 
The walls in the laundry room are Benjamin Moore Brewster Grey. I hung two of these ikea rails on the wall to hang out clothes that don't need to go in the dryer (and have already used them a lot) with two vintage ship paintings above. The Ikea rails were $10 a piece verses the $25 a piece for the original towels bars I was looking at. Our DIY pantry shelves are next to the rails and I'm so excited to actually have a space for all my food so its not shoved in the upper cabinets in the kitchen! 

On the other side of the room live the washer and dryer with an Ikea butcher block counter-top (last year when we bought our kitchen counter-tops we bought an extra 6' length knowing we would do the laundry room eventually). The plug in sconces are so pretty for $30 a piece (details here) and the DIY electrical panel is one of my favorite things in the space! And we hung the butcher block higher than it needed to be over our washer and dryer as the new washers are typically taller then the ones we have and we didn't want to have to redo the butcher block when ours need to be replaced.

I put a couple of glass vases on top of the butcher block to hold laundry essentials and to catch the lint that I inevitably clean and then let sit in a pile on top of the dryer until it annoys me. 
I really love everything about this room, it was so fun to have a vision and bring it fully to completion in 6 weeks. I'll be back next week with a budget breakdown and source list for the space, (hint: we spent less than $1000 to do this entire room including finishing the walls, lighting, shelving, countertops and every trim piece and accessory). 

Thanks so much to Linda for hosting and make sure you check out all the other room reveals over at One Room Challenge, there are so many good ones!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thanksgiving Tablescape / BSHT

Today I'm joining in with my dear friend Lindsay for her Blogger Stylin Home Tours Thanksgiving edition. I think this is my favorite tour of the year- I love tablescapes! If you are coming over from Restless Arrow, welcome! I have loved getting to know Amber over the past couple of years- its so fun when your blogger friends become your real life friends. She is so talented and has such a genuine and sweet heart - I always love seeing what she comes up with!
 With the twins at full toddler stage I wanted to create something that was easy and quick to put together but still felt special. For you fellow moms- I created the tablescape and photographed it in one nap time start to finish :) I used branches from our yard to create the centerpiece and almost everything else were pieces I already had. The only thing I bought for this tablescape was the table runner I found on 75% clearence at Target a few months ago. 
The trees in our backyard are so gorgeous right now and I loved the yellow and green with our vintage blue china and blue table runner. Blue is such a great backdrop for really any greenery- I thought our leaves were going to be more orange but when they ended up more yellow and green I loved that too. 
The framed prints are from local artist and friend Marquin, she is so talented! 
How many of you scooped up that amber vase from the Target dollar section? So good. 
This was such a simple tablescape to pull together and it could be easily recreated if you are hosting 6 or 20. With blue as the base, pull in fun greenery in all the fall colors from your yard, stack a few books with pumpkins and place a few glass vases around and call it a day!
Those marble books are a favorite find from Homegoods, I couldn't get them in my cart fast enough! They normally live on our living room bookcases and I loved mixing the marble with all the other colors and textures. The gold cocktail glasses are ones I scooped up at market a few years ago but world market carries some like them now! 
I think this might be my favorite tablescape yet, but check out last years here. I did love those centerpieces and all the white pumpkins. 

If you are new here, we are redoing our laundry room in 6 short weeks start to finish and this week is reveal day! Check out all One Room Challenge posts here and check back on Thursday for the final reveal :)

To continue on the tour, head over to My Fabuless Life and thanks for stopping by! 

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