Thursday, October 27, 2016

One Room Challenge / the laundry room week 4

I can't believe we are already at week 4 of One Room Challenge- the past four weeks have flown by and we only have 2 weeks until the reveal which means we only have 1 more week until the space needs to be photographed eek! If you are just catching up- this post has the introduction to our laundry room and before photos, this post has the design plan and this post has sheetrock and paint up. We have done so much in 4 weeks in this space!
This past week has been super exciting because we got the DIY shelves for our pantry up and butcher block countertop over the washer/dryer up. They look so good! 
This coming weeks project is the DIY cover for the electrical panel. Also if you follow me on instagram (acreativedayblog) you saw where I had a little panicked moment that the overhead light was too dim so we ordered these $29 plug in sconces to flank the walls above the washer and dryer and I love them. They do seem to sag a little but we have been working on tightening the screws and its definitely helping- and for $29 each I'm not complaining ha. 
But for now back to the shelves, I'm going to walk through how we built them. It was such an easy DIY and the finished result looks great. If you remember from our design plan in week 2- we were planning on building a shelf above the washer and dryer and then pantry shelves on the opposite wall. I wanted the shelves to be wood and to tie in the butcher block. It proved to be kinda tricky because the Ikea butcher block is oak and 12" oak shelving board is super expensive. 12" pine shelving board is very reasonable so we went with that and decided to try to match the oak butcherblock with stain. Pine is notoriously hard to stain because it blotches so I went the expert, Ana White and followed her tutorial. We dug through the boards at home depot and picked the ones with the least knots. Don't skip the pre stain conditioner- I think it it was gave us the perfect finish! The stain she used in the tutorial was exactly the color i was looking for and it matches the butcher block PERFECTLY (Its minwax golden oak- we did one coat of stain and 2 coats of wipe on poly). Like you can't even tell the difference! 
For the brackets I knew I wanted something industrial to mix with the warm wood tone so we got standard L brackets in 5" for the pantry shelves and I think 8" for the upper shelf above the washer and I primed and spray painted them hammered black. Sidenote: I LOVE the rustoleum hammered black spray paint- Its my favorite paint for metal. 
We hung them on the two sides into the wall and also ran a 1x2 across the back for extra support. We painted the 1x2 the wall color so it almost disappears. The brackets add such a fun little detail! I got the idea from this blog post.  
We are getting so close! We are tackling the dutch door and the electrical cover next so hopefully I'll have a fun DIY for you next week with those. Then we get to move onto the fun part of staging and hanging art! 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

One Room Challenge / the laundry room week 3

A lot has happened on our One Room Challenge laundry room makeover this week! Its fun to start seeing it coming together and this update will be more of a bullet point post with details on all the different projects we are working on. 
If you are just catching up, we are redoing our laundry room in 6 short weeks as part of Linda (from Calling it Home) Guest Participant's One Room Challenge. Head to this post for an introduction of the laundry room, including before shots of the room with the open instead of a wall we lived with for a year. Last week's update includes a detailed floor plan, see that post here
- I've been collecting lots of little pretties for the room and I'm so impatient to get styling. I got the ship wood prints from a local antique store, the basket is from Home Goods and the antique washer board which I can't wait to hang on the wall is from a local antique store that is housed in an old prison. The amber vase is from the Target Dollar aisle and the marble obelisk I'm obsessed with is a lucky score from tjmaxx  #colddeadfingers. The hooks were a favorite find of mine- I was seriously considering shelling out $18 a piece for these hooks from Anthropologie when I found these from Hobby Lobby for $5 each. They seriously look identical.  

-We went from this...
to this!

I still can't believe it! 

-The color is brewster grey from Benjamin Moore- its the color of our old master bedroom and its one of my favorite colors eva. 

- The light got hung! We did the same ones we DIY'd in our kitchen (this post has the info about the DIY- and lots of before pictures of the kitchen too!) I did have a little bit of a freakout moment about the lighting because the flush mount is filtered and doesn't give out a ton of light. I wanted filtered because the ceilings are so low I felt like exposed bright bulbs would be too harsh. Sooo we ordered a couple sconces for the walls which I had been wanting in here anyhow so #winwin. 

- This is a peek at one of my favorite DIY's in progress- I'll report back once its finished!

-So this next week is all about shelving and countertops. Luke has been working on cutting out the butcher block and we got the boards for the shelves so hopefully I'll have a good progress report next week. Also I've been posting details and the progress of a lot of our projects on instagram and insta stories so feel free to follow along (acreativedayblog). 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

One Room Challenge / the laundry room week 2

I'm back for week 2 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. For more details about what the One Room Challenge is and an introduction to our makeover space, our laundry room, check out my post from week one here.

This week I'm all about the details. I'm breaking down our plan for this space and trying not to get too impatient about getting it all done. Wish me luck ha. 
Here is the view of the right side of the room. As I talked about in the first week, we have been living with this unfinished space for over a year and I am SO EXCITED that we will have four walls in here soon! #itsthelittlethings

We are planning on sheetrocking the wall behind the fridge and running a few extra studs so we can attach a couple of (towel?) bars across that wall. I tend to not dry a lot of clothes so it would be nice to have some racks to hang them all so they don't all have to hang over our kitchen chairs. 

Where you see the old pantry shelves we are going to close in the old shelves because I don't love super deep shelves in a pantry since its hard to reach the back. We are going to build some sort of wood shelves in this space and I can't wait to have my pantry supplies in here! 

Simple farmhouse trim will close in that hole that is open to the crawlspace below. #yikes

I've been testing paint colors but I kinda want to wait to make the final decision until the new light fixture is up. We are getting rid of the florescent that is in there now and I know  that in the soft lighting the paint samples will read differently. 

We are building a butcher block countertop for over the washer/dryer. Can't wait to be able to fold my laundry without losing it down to neverneverland, aka the space behind the dryer. We bought an extra butcher block countertop last year when we did our kitchen so its just been sitting in the guest bedroom for a year taunting me. 

I'm always looking for a place to put Rowan (our golden retriever) when people come over so we thought we would build a DIY dutch door so we can put Rowan in here and she can still see out but be contained. We found a door at our local salvage yard for $15 (score) so if we mess it up we haven't put much into it. 

Also the electrical panel needs to be hidden since its old and the door fell off years ago. I'm working on a really fun DIY so I'll keep you updated. 

We have a tight schedule to get all this done-just four more weeks until the reveal! We are starting on sheetrock and hoping to get some electrical and painting done this weekend since the final trim work and the details seem to take forever. Check back next week to see what progress we have made- and I'll be sharing peeks on instagram so follow me there if you like that kind of stuff (acreativedayblog). 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

One Room Challenge / the laundry room

So behind that door is the most unfinished room in my house- my laundry room. It will finally be getting an overhaul (which means getting four solid walls) thanks to the Guest Participant One Room Challenge over the next 6 weeks.

 If you are new to One Room Challenge here's a little background. Linda, the founder of One Room Challenge, hosts 20 design bloggers who post every Wednesday and completely redo a room in 6 weeks. I've followed along with these makeovers for years and they are incredible. (This living room by Cassie is unreal- so gorgeous!) The day after the Challenge, Thursday of each week- any design blogger (called a guest participant) can link up their own spaces to redo. Its a great way to get inspired by lots of room redo's and its also great accountability for someone like me who has a space that desperately needs to be redone with a deadline. 

So cliff-notes version- I'll be posting every Thursday for the next 6 weeks until we reveal the finished space November 10th. Can't wait! 

Also - I'm kinda embarrassed to be showing these photos. I promise I didn't stage anything to make these before photos look worse so the afters would look better- this is the real state of my laundry room and has been for the past year. 
If you remember our kitchen before and after posts, we moved the fridge which was in the center of the kitchen where the peninsula is now into the old pantry, shown below.
photo by sophie brendle
In moving the fridge we lost some room in the laundry room but opened up our kitchen so WORTH IT. 
We knew last year we needed to finish framing in the fridge space and drywall but we didn't want to do that until our old fridge died which we knew was coming soon. Well it did die and we replaced it earlier this summer so we had the final dimensions that we needed for the fridge. But until then we have been living with the open studs for a year. 
And this is how it looks all the time. Yikes. We did run the tile in the laundry room last year and replaced the old linoleum so I'm grateful for that being done already! 

I've known what feel I've been wanting this room to have since we moved in and I can't wait to get started. This room from Plain English via House and Garden is perfection in my book. I'm planning on pulling in moody blue/ grey and butcher block over the washer and dryer (we actually bought an extra butcher block at Ikea last year when we bought the kitchen countertops so we already have it.) 
Next to the fridge we will have open pantry shelving and I love this look from my all time favorite designer Lauren Liess. Sidenote- the idea of having all the pantry supplies in the laundry room where they belong instead of shoved in my upper cabinets just makes me SO HAPPY. Its the little things right?

So I'm excited to get started - I'll be back next Thursday with details, a punch list and layout plans. I'll be sharing more peeks and finds for the room on instagram so follow along (acreativedayblog) or my instagram is linked on the right of my blog! 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Fall Home Tour for BSHT

I'm excited to be sharing our fall home tour today as part of Lindsay's Blogger Stylin Home Tours. Lindsay is one of my real life besties and everything she puts together is inspiring and so much fun to be a part of. If you are coming over from Thoughts from Alice, welcome! 

Just in case you are new, I'm Eileen and I live in Greenville, SC with my husband, twin girls and golden retriever. We've lived in our home for about a year and a half now and love it. Its a 1940's cottage that had a farmhouse renovation somewhere down the line so now its a farmhouse/ cottage hybrid and we have slowly been stripping away and renovating to bring it back to its simple clean lined roots. Its been a fun renovation and you can see a lot of before and afters and details here

If you have been following along the renovation you remember this post about our front porch plans and DIY plans to build a porch bed swing that would fit a twin mattress and then the finished bed swing post here. This space is divine now that the weather is cooling down, and curling up on the swing with a glass of wine is my kind of heaven. We are building and selling bed swings now, so check out this post for information

I scored some $3 mums and some white pumpkins at Home Depot and added this metal basket in black from Gordmans. I found this white chair from Home Depot in their end of summer sale and love how it fills the space. 

Now come inside! I had fun pulling together this fall tour- I was already doing a little revamp of my living room pulling in some rich burnt orange and mustard to layer with all my neutrals so even though I didn't buy very much specifically for the tour in this room my house definitely feels very fall right now and I love it. 
One of the things that sold me on this house was the high ceilings and wood paneling that added such a farmhouse vibe. The paneling was all painted brown when we moved in so we lightened everything up and layered in lots of life. With the neutral base I've been wanting to add some warmth. I found that brown pillow at Target on clearance and the velvet burnt orange pillows were a home goods score and perfect to snuggle up with a watch a movie. 
The books on the bookshelf were my great grandmothers collection and I love having a sense of family history every time I look at them.
 The chandelier and rug are both west elm and some of my favorite elements in the space. 
In the kitchen I had fun with a floral centerpiece that includes every bloggers best friend eucalyptus and some .99 cent pumpkins from trader joes. The dining table was a gift from my husband who built it for me for our wedding and the frames above are filled with local artist and friend Marquin's gorgeous prints. Before and after of the kitchen post here, we took this room down to a hole to the dirt below and then built it back up.  
The candlesticks were a sale Anthropologie find and the striped runner is from Gordmans.
The blue and white vintage plates are a favorite recent addition and the glass flour and oat jars and salt and pepper shakers are from Gordmans. I still love this kitchen as much as I did a year ago when we finished it and I love looking back at the original kitchen reveal and seeing how more layered the space is now. I like to layer over time as I find special things, like the blue plates!   
Trader Joes really is the best isn't it? I mean .99 cent pumpkins, you can't beat it! Even though the twins have been trying to eat these since I bought them. 
And yes I still love my tile and you seriously can't beat the price! 
In our bedroom I added this vintage kantha quilt that I've had for a few years over the headboard to add some warmth and coziness. Sidenote: this kantha has lived in almost every room in our house at some point. Amber Interiors always seems to layer kanthas over her headboards so if she says its cool I believe her.

Its always so interesting to me to see the progression of my house as I've taken part in these tours, for example check out my Summer tour, Spring tour and Christmas tour. I think my favorite one is the Thanksgiving table tour, (check it out last year's here) and I'm already scheming up a new one for this year! I normally have a small budget refresh our home for the seasons and its fun for me to buy a few things and try to 'shop' my house and move different items around. 

So thats it on the home tour so make sure you head over to A Designer At Home for the next stop of the Blogger Stylin Home Tours! I hope you enjoyed! Thanks so much to Lindsay for hosting and make sure you head back to her blog to catch up on all the bloggers who took part. 

Happy Fall! 
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