Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DIY neon triangle paper mobile

 Hello! I know its been a while since I checked in and I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. We did. The twins are doing so well and just thriving, 4 months old now! Cannot believe how time flies, I am trying to soak up every moment with my girls while they are this little. 
One of my best friends from growing up came and spent the weekend with us and we crafted fun mobiles for the girls while watching The Holiday. Perfect girls day. The twins are getting to the age where they are fascinated with bright colors so we knew we wanted something bright so I figured neon pink would work. 
It was a super easy DIY and the girls LOVE it, and I think supplies for both mobiles cost around $25. 
- Colored cardstock. we did a mix of pinks, yellows and oranges.  Ours was about $.60 a sheet and we used one sheet of each color

- Hoops. We found ours where the leather and string area in Hobby Lobby. Think they were embroidery hoops? About $2 a hoop and I spray painted them gold. They only had silver in our store but I've seen them in gold before too.

- Triangle paper cutter. Biggest time saver. Found in the scrapbooking area. The most expensive thing at $10, but I used the 40% coupon!

-Gold thread. 

-Hot glue

Start by cutting out lots of triangles in each color. You are going to glue two triangles back to back so you don't see the glue. Then figure out how low you want your mobile to hang. We did about 18" hanging down from the mobile so you want to cut your strings at 24". You are going to tie your strings on the hoops at 18" and then twist the string around and glue the ends in one of your triangles. Does that make sense? That way you don't have any loose strings hanging out.
See? Gluing the triangles back to back makes it look cleaner. 

We laid our hoop out and stretched the strings straight out. Then we set out the triangles in just random patterns. Every string was different and then we started gluing. The gluing took the longest and we watched The Holiday while we glued. Best movie ever. 
 To attach to the ceiling I braided three strands and tied in the center of the hoop and then twisted it up to the ceiling were Luke hung a C hook from the ceiling. Just loop some of the strands through the hook. Easy peasy.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The twins birth story

I wrote down the twins birth story because I don't want to forget anything about that day...so here is the play by play for those of you who are interested :-)

When Luke and I woke up on July 29th, 2014 we had no idea our girls would be born that day. We had our 31 week doctor’s appointment the day before and had talked about our birth plan. Planning for a delivery of around 35 weeks we headed home and Luke worked until 11 PM on our bathroom renovation which would be done by the time the girls were born.  I got in bed and bid unsuccessfully on an ebay kilim rug and watched about 4 episodes of Psych. No hospital bag was packed and we didn’t have that many clothes for our girls as we were waiting to see how much they weighed when they were born to buy preemie size or newborn. 

Luke got up around 6 AM on Tuesday, July 29th and got in the shower. I got up around 6:30 to pee (pregnant bladder) and started bleeding heavily. We immediately called the doctor and our doctor happened to be on call and he said come right in. Luke grabbed me some clothes and I changed, after making him go back and get different teeshirts 3 times.  JUST PUT THIS ON EILEEN ITS FINE. “No I don’t want that one it’s not comfortable. Try again.” 

We rushed in and immediately got on an IV drip while they watched me for the whole morning. I had stopped bleeding at this time and our doctor was thinking he would just keep me overnight and I would go home the next day. We told our families to not rush down to Columbia I was fine and just resting.  

Around lunch I started having contractions every 30 minutes or so but couldn’t really feel them so I got on medicine to stop the contractions. I ate a lot of ice and we just hung out most of the afternoon. I started contracting a lot more but didn’t know it as I thought I was just hungry. “No honey that’s a contraction.” Ohhhhhh. At this point I was mainly just upset that I didn’t have a hospital bag packed for that night and kept saying. “I just want some socks.” 

The contractions started speeding up and got to be 1 minute apart and started to be more painful around 4 PM and our doctor came in and we talked about our opinions and we made the decision to deliver. My body kept contracting and we didn’t want to hurt the babies. 

I was in the delivery room by 7:20 and the babies were born at 7:30 PM. Both were healthy and about 3.5 lbs. 

Earlier in the week before the babies were born I was reading Psalm 139 where it says “[The Lord] searches out my path…He hems me in behind and before.”  Luke and I kept saying that scripture together the day the babies were born and we both felt such peace all day. Everything was taken care of, from the fact that my doctor was the one on call to even on the way to the hospital when I was so scared I felt the babies kick as if they were telling me they were ok. 

In the delivery we found out that one of our babies was in distress and if we had waited to deliver until later and my water broke we could have lost her. There was no way of knowing she was in distress as everything looked fine on the ultrasound. We think the emergency delivery saved our baby girl. The bleeding I had that morning had nothing to do with the babies but got us to the hospital so we would deliver. Talk about the Lord protecting her. 

Luke was planning on leaving for work around 6 AM that day and was running late so he was at home when I woke up. 

My brother who is in the Air Force was on leave and was on the way to visit us the same day so he got to be there. It’s a 12 hour drive (which he made in about 10 hours ha) so if he had waited until we were scheduled to deliver he would have missed it. 

My uncle who has twins (my aunt also had an emergency delivery) was randomly at our hospital that day and got to see us and helped us make the decision to deliver. 

Both babies were completely healthy, no lung issues and were only on oxygen for 6 days. That is so rare for 31 week babies. 

Everything was out of our control and it was so amazing to see the Lord direct our path completely. 

Emmy Carlisle and Drake still had a long road before they came home and ended up spending 7 weeks in the NICU but were mainly just there until they learned to eat on their own. They have been home now for 2 weeks and each day is the hardest day and the best day. One thing about having a NICU baby is when they actually come home you never take any day you can spend with them for granted after having to leave your child every night.They are our hearts and we love them unbelievably more than I ever thought you could love someone. Side note: you think you love your husband the most you ever could and then you see him hold your babies. Whole other level. 

I’ll be taking it slow on the blog until I get my feet under me but I’m not going anywhere. I don’t want to be one of those blogs that just disappears without saying that they are leaving. Yes I’ll be taking it slow but as the girls start sleeping through the night more and mommy gets some sleep I’ll be back. I am sure I’ll be overgramming if you want to follow along. (acreativedayblog)

So stick around. I’m not going anywhere.

Monday, August 25, 2014

If you have been wondering where I've been....

I dropped out unceremoniously on you I know. But I had a good reason. These little girls ended up making their debut one day after my last post at 31 weeks. I'm planning on writing up their birth story but just know it was a little scary and we are so very grateful that they are both here and healthy. They did book themselves a stay at the NICU with their early arrival and are still there but are doing amazing. The picture above is them holding hands... they always reach for each other when we hold them together. The sweetest! All the nurses and doctors are such a great support system and are taking such good care of our littles. They are getting bigger each day and hopefully will be home in the next couple of weeks. Mama is having the hardest time because I miss them so much and so camp out at the hospital for as long as they let me. But I'm trying to focus on the fact that this is allowing us to finish the renovation (which of course was not done when they arrived) and letting me recover from my c-section. Trying very hard. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

31 weeks and my favorite non-maternity maternity dress

Our first shower was last weekend and it so special to see how loved these little babies are already. 

I've had a lot of people ask me about my dress and ask if it maternity and its not! I've made a point of trying not to buy maternity unless I have too, I've just been sizing up so I can hopefully wear after the babies come as well. I ordered the dress from Sheinside and I love it! I've heard mixed reviews of the Sheinside website but I had a good experience. The dress is one size fits all and it fit me well but its definitely not stretchy.It took about 3 weeks to come in but I ordered it so long ago I knew it would take a while and I was willing to wait. I'd order from them again. (Not a sponsored post at all, just really liked what I bought and you can't beat the prices! )

Monday, July 21, 2014

Renovation Update: getting there

You don't know how good this feels. Plumbing is finally done after a week of the plumbers being over every single day. The water being turned off with a pregnant lady who has to pee every 20 minutes did not go over well. I LOVE the tub we chose. Its a pretty standard size but super deep for soaking, 17". Its full of water right now for the inspection, so no I'm not taking a bath yet. Soon. 
 I never realized how beautiful plumbing can be. 
I picked this gorgeous huge subway tile for the shower surround and I can't wait for it to go up after the inspection this week.

And the twins have a hall to their room now! Just need to pick a flush mount for in here, any great resources?
Everything should go super fast now and we have a 'deadline' of August 9th. Three weeks and I really think its doable. Everything goes so much faster after the rough in work is done. So excited!
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