Thursday, April 23, 2015

unexpected lighting source under $100 / Amazon

Did you know that Amazon had such good lighting? Yeah, me neither. P.S. Nothing posted is over $100 and most of it is under $50.
First Row
Second Row
Third Row
1 (ordering for my front porch)

Monday, April 20, 2015

the new house / kitchen inspiration

We are knee deep in renovating our kitchen and trying to get it finished within a few weeks. I've been making lots of design decisions so I've got a pretty good idea of what is going where. I really wanted something fun in this kitchen and then I saw this. GIMME.
Jessica Helgerson, JH Interior DesignPhoto by Lincoln Barbour
So good and I love everything about it. I love the look of encastic cement tile.

And this. Cement tile shop. Also love the dark of the tub with the white of the subway for cabinet ideas.
I think that is a Ann Sacks tile, not a cement tile but a similar look. I really love the butcher block of this one with the two tone cabinets
I can't find the source of this one to save my life but love the graphic tile with the warmth of the butcher block. 
And this bathroom by Amber Interiors is the love the dark cabinets with the tile.
So I knew I wanted something graphic on the floors and decided to go for it (after hand holding by Riley, my bff who assured me I wasn't going to hate it after a year during my late night freak outs). I love the look in the encastic cement tile but can't afford it for my big space. I was looking for alternatives and stumbled upon this great looking tile from the Home Depot
And then HI Sugarplum used it in her new kitchen backsplash and I loved it even more. Sold. 
Imagine that with two tone cabinets, gold knobs, butcher block countertops and a farmhouse sink and you can kinda see what my kitchen is going to look like. 
All the feels. 
We are working hard right now and I'm updating on instagram as we go so follow along (acreativedayblog)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the new house / before pictures

Last Friday we signed the papers and got the keys for our new house. Its a dream house for us and I can't believe its ours. For those of you who don't know, the Greenville real estate market is CRAY and its been a crazy road. We started looking in the area last fall and just getting an idea for what areas we liked. We got serious in January once we sold our house in 2 days and moved in with my parents so Luke could start his position in Greenville. Over the next couple of months we looked a lot of great houses and put in offers on 2 that we lost in bidding wars. We put in offers on the first day these houses came on the market and offered well over list value but we were one of 5 or 6 offers and lost out. I told you the market is crazy! Our real estate agent was AMAZING (Local peeps, email me if you want her information!) She kept us in the loop of houses coming on the market and always kept telling me she knew we would find something great. Well our house came on the market and we saw it the first day (one of 8 people) put in an offer and it was accepted! This house is above what we expected we could get in the area we are, its 10 minutes from Luke's work and 5 minutes from Greenville's awesome downtown and around the corner from where my Grandmother grew up. We love it. Throughout this whole process as we lost the other two houses I just felt a peace that God would allow us to find the right house in His timing and we did. I really feel like this is a dream house for us and I'm beyond grateful for it. 
It has so much character, shiplap on a lot of the walls and tons of built-ins and windows. Its an older 1930's farmhouse style with a huge front porch and a white picket fence. We are doing work on the kitchen and painting almost every room and thats about it for now. 

 Living room/ Dining room with vaulted ceilings.
 Master bedroom with french doors to patio and more vaulted ceilings.

 Nursery with such fun built ins and a vaulted ceiling. 

And the best part of the nursery, a loft. I'm sure the girls will LOVE it when they get older, that would have been my dream room when I was little! 

Kitchen, this is where most of the work is happening. Right now the ceiling is ripped out as we find out what is structural to figure out how much of the walls we can open up. Tile is already gone.
During tile demo. I did not volunteer to help with that. 
And there is an upstairs guest room and playroom that I can't seem to find pictures of, I'll take some today. Follow along on instagram to see more updates (acreativedayblog)

That's about it! I'll be blogging my design inspiration as I've been working hard on getting the design finalized for a month now. Can't wait to share!  

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

still the most popular post- DIY headboard then and now

We are in full swing around here figuring out what we want to keep for our new house. Our DIY headboard is still one of my favorite projects that we ever did, and its still the most viewed post on my blog, 2 years later. Mostly thanks to Jenny from Little Green Notebook featuring it on her blog (can I say girl crush?) The thing took for-freaking ever, we nailed in each nailhead by hand because of all the curves. kill me now. Still have bad memories of that day. But I've loved it every day since then and it followed us from rental to house to remodel. 
(PIcture from a couple of years ago with the rental)
When I was pregnant and taking up 95% of the bed Luke got so fed up with it he decided to buy a king size bed "for you honey". We all know it was so he didn't have to sleep in 10" anymore but I was nonetheless excited, this way I could spread out with 8 pillows. Which I still do actually, that pregnancy habit stayed with me. Well we've been using the queen sized headboard with the king bed since last year and we've made it work, you honestly can't really tell looking at it its the wrong size but it bugs me and I'm thinking I need a new king headboard (Besides, I have a different color palette in mind for the new house). Waaaa. So I'm trying to decide what to do with the headboard. Keep it? Sell it? I can't decide!

I'm also trying to decide if I'm bold enough to try a DIY bed like this one, but add in an upholstered headboard. Kinda scary but also awesome.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

We sold our house!

We sold our house ya'll! We closed last Friday and handed the keys over to the cute new owners. I didn't want to mention it before in this post because I wanted to make sure we closed before I said anything, (superstitious much?). But we put our house on the market a month ago and we had multiple offers within 24 hours, we were under contract in 3 days and closed just after 4 weeks later. Its such a great feeling! 
We knew that Luke would have to be up at his new job by the end of January and we didn't put it on the market until then. We were hoping to sell quickly so we could buy quickly and were so happy to get it done so fast. Our neighborhood is really popular and we had great agents (if you are local to Columbia SC and want their names email me!) We also worked a lot on the house to get it ready to go on the market and I thought I would share some things I think helped it to sell. (This post by Hi Sugarplum! has lots of great tips too)

 1. No clutter.
I know this is an obvious one but its so important. We took out all picture frames and left the house staged. Because we moved out with the twins before we put it on the market everything could stay clean and their was no baby or dog stuff lying around.

2. Less is more / furniture edition
You don't want people to walk in and feel cramped, then they start thinking its too small. Make the spaces functional but not tight.

3. Touch up paint. Touch up corners and places that get easily scuffed so the new owners don't have to come in and do it. It makes the place look cleaner.

4. Curb appeal. Also a no brainer. New pinestraw and a clean front porch make a lot of difference.

5. Make sure your closets aren't overflowing, when prospective buyers open them you don't want stuff to fall on their heads and for them to think you don't have enough storage. 

6. Good realtor. Ours was great, knew the comps and the area and helped us negotiate through a bidding war. They knew a fair price for the house that we were happy with so it didn't sit on the market.

7. Clean kitchen counters. Leave your keurig out but not tons of stuff everything. Keep it clean people. 

8. Keep in mind the paint colors. Not every room in our house was neutral but in general we kept it clean. This might be time to paint over your dark purple room. Grey is always a good option! 

These are just some of the things that I think helped us sell our house quickly. I am so grateful to be done and ready to move on but I'm always going to miss Columbia. I teared up in the nursery when we moved out. The house we brought our babies home to will always have a special place in my heart.
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